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Do you feed your dog Hill's Pet Nutrition?

Asked by LadyMarissa (7799points) March 22nd, 2019

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has issued a 2nd recall for 2019 due to excess Vitsmin D that creates a toxicity for or furbabies. This is the brand my vet pushes & he got all wissy when I refused to feed it to my babies. My gut was telling me that there was something wrong & he kept arguing that my gut was WRONG & I really should trust his expertise. Now, I’m thinking about taking my babies to the vet in the morning just so I can hear his going excuses now that I can say my gut is ALWAYS right!!!

If you feed your bay HPN, what are your plans???

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My vet recommended Hill’s Science Diet Senior for my dog but I found it too expensive. So I switched to Gains Cycle 4.

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No. For many years, I’ve heard bad things about that product. I’ve been to (responsible) animal food stores that refuse to carry it.

Many veterinary schools let the Hills company come in and teach nutrition classes. That’s why some veterinarians recommend the stuff or perhaps even sell it to clients. They’ve been hard-sold and indoctrinated.

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Our dogs eats Nutro. Never had a recall. Interesting – both dogs are allergic to Nutro chicken, even though it smells like roast chicken (yum). Previous dog ate their lamb & rice, new dog eats their Salmon.

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@Love_my_doggie That makes sense. When my vet first started pushing it, I asked her why she was selling it. She insisted that it was high quality food that all dogs needed. I figured that she was getting a really good kickback from the company. It was way too expensive for my income level at the time & I found my own way to feed my fur babies & keep them healthy. So, I never fell into the vet trap that the company was trying to set up!!! My vet got down right pissy when I didn’t buy her recommended food; but, now I know that my gut instinct was right!!!

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