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What do I need to know about growing a blueberry bush?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44145points) April 9th, 2019

How much light, water, etc? Or can I just dig a hole in the yard and fageddabadit?

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Ours are in the backyard with pretty direct light. I think they like the light. I had neighbors one time that grew them in a clearing in the woods, but it got a lot of sun as well. Normal water. But you will definitely have to battle the birds. You will see the bush heavy with green berries. As the berries begin to turn you will think to yourself “another day or two and they will be perfect!” And you will go out the next day to find the birds didn’t care if they were a bit green.

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So can I pick them early and bring them inside to ripen?

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They need acid soil.

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I am an expert with blueberry bushes! I bought a bunch (20? 24?) from the State Dept of Environmental Conservation and planted them in the special tubes that allow light and water while protecting them from predators and certain insects pests. They cost a lot of money and effort. I’d like to say it was worth it. But….

They lasted one year. Deer figured out they could lean on the tubes and break the 1“x1” support sticks. that made the tubes fall, completely exposing the the bushes. Every one was eaten to the ground.

Now whenever I start thinking about growing more I just hit myself in the head, toss some extra cash into the toilet, and flush. It takes a lot less time and effort.

Oh just to add to the insult. After the deer debacle one of the tubes was still standing! Why? A hive of yellow jackets had set up shop inside the tube. I set it on fire.

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LOL!! Best blueberry story ever @LuckyGuy!

Well, we don’t have a deer problem here in town, although I have seen a couple around. They were mostly desperate to get OUT of town.

Would it be a bad idea to plant them close to the house? Are birds gonna be crappin on everything?

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@Dutchess_III No, I wouldn’t harvest them early, but I would set up a net system around/over them to keep the birds out. Fine enough mesh that they can’t use the mesh as a convenient perch on which to dine from.

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Is ok to plant them by the house?

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You might get visited by bears

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I think you can count me safe from bears and deer here!

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These are the fruit tree tubes. Fruit tree tube.
They work great – until a herd of deer move through.

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LOLL! Maybe I can attract some deer to my back yard. That would be so cool. Put a salt lick out and bring them apples I’ve dug out of the trash at the grocery store for them so they’ll stay.

I’m really just planting it for looks rather than for any kind of serious harvesting….but the kids would enjoy picking “wild blueberries.” They enjoy picking “wild cherry tomatoes” too. And wild strawberries.

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I used to have a few little strawberry bushes, when I was in elementary school, and I remember they were easy to maintain. You know what grows really easily? String beans. You start them in egg cartons, and within about a week they sprout, and another week and they’re about six inches tall. Then you can put them in the ground. You will have so many string beans.

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Uh, wrong post, @ragingloli .

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You can choose from many varieties but be aware some need other bushes nearby to bear fruit. There are varieties that don’t need a pollinator but they will grow small blueberries.

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