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Would you do what the Poshmark lady claims in the commercial?

Asked by Aster (19994points) April 15th, 2019

Everyday a lady is on a Postmark commercial holding up purple heels. She says, ” I would have paid over $700 for these shoes!” Which means she got them cheaper on Poshmark.
Anyone on here who would consider paying over $700 for any kind of shoe whatsoever? I think it’s an abomination! Just a word I pulled out of my hat.

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Not even the ruby slippers?

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THE ruby slippers, maybe.

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Yeah, they’d need to have magic powers (or profitable resale value).

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So there can be shoes worth $700. For me they would be too valuable to wear on my feet, but I know people who have shoes made that might well cost $700 a pair or beyond. And if that’s what’s required to get a comfortable pair of shoes, I would spring for it.

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I do have a pair of $80–90 shoes which I have worn for quite a few years, that if they had been somehow durable enough to not degrade, might be thought to be worth a fair amount… I don’t know about $700. Maybe if I were fabulously wealthy.

If I find such shoes available again, I’ll probably buy 4 pair or more.

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My husband spends ungodly amounts for tennis shoes, IMO. He goes to specialty sporting stores for them. $60 to $90 each pop. I told him that if he didn’t wear his damn shoes 16 / 7 they wouldn’t wear out so fast.
I get mine at Walmart. I get a new pair about once every 4 years. I don’t wear shoes if I can help it.

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Unless a persons feet need special care then one would order a pair customized as in Italy they do this starting at $300 Canadian dollars, Otherwise I would not spend that much just to show off and become a target for robbery. They are just making themselves a target.
They are also making fools of themselves as the Fashion Industry dictates whats fashionable..I guess its spending large amounts of money on their products?

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For that kind of money I need to be able to drive it, recline it, or hang a mailbox on it.

I have to appreciate people who do that though.
I bought a pair of joggers about a decade ago at a thrift store. I paid $3 for them, and they had no visible wear at all. They surely cost the original owner $100.

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Personally, I’ve spent the past few decades being the accidental customer of Payless Shoes – a vegan who loves all those vinyl shoes. Now that my favorite store is rapidly closing, I have no idea where I’ll buy shoes made from manmade materials. Except for Payless, it’s all very hit-or-miss, and usually through online stores. Yes, I’m familiar with MooShoes, Avesu, and other sources; they’re not very good.

$700? I don’t think so. How about $20 for attractive, well-made nonleather?

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@Love_my_doggie: What about Walmart or Target or Kohls?

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Ebay for me.

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A quality shoe usually costs more or a unique design. After a certain dollar amount though you are just paying for the name. I used to like designer shoes a lot but now not so much.

I think even if I was filthy rich I still wouldn’t pay $1500 for some Gucci slides or something… I feel like that would make me a bad person lol.

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