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What if an anti religion, anti Islam, or anti muslims person said or wrote the following?

Asked by flo (12904points) May 10th, 2019

What if an anti religion, anti muslims person said or wrote “Escaping the Hijab”? Would people find it offensive or not? And why or why not?

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Since this a book written by a Muslim woman – it is actually called FLEEING THE HIJAB link – I would say that an anti-muslim person would probably say “I told you so” and be accurate.

I don’t know what you’re pushing for, @flo, but sometimes your questions make me wonder how well you research what you are asking, or if you understand the context.

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The question strikes me as too vague and almost unanswerable (except by inference and guessing, see below) as written.

What people do you mean?

And what do you mean by those words – are you referring to the book @elbanditoroso just mentioned?

Surely there are many people who would or wouldn’t find just about anything offensive or not.

For example, I’m not offended by that book because I have not read it, and don’t see anything offensive about what I skimmed of it. There are also blurbs from two other people who say they liked the book, apparently not offended. Also, I see you wrote “anti religion” and I think the author is Jewish (though that could just mean ethnically, and I ran out of curiosity to do more research to find out).

If you are postulating (?) what if someone wrote a book with the same synopsis and similar title, but they were “an anti religion, anti muslims person”, then I can imagine myself learning about this hypothetical book and either not being offended, or being offended, depending on what the book was actually like.

That is, even “an anti religion, anti muslims person” could write an inoffensive book. (And even inoffensive people writing innoffensive books manage to offend some people.)

But, guessing further, perhaps wildly inaccurately, at what you might mean, I do find that there is an entire class of expression on the Internet, which involves attempting to stir up xenophobia and hatred towards Muslims of various types, by posting limited perspectives and/or exaggerations of stories and conditions involving such people, and I often to find those to be offensive and upsetting.

The reason such things offend and upset me is that they seem to me to be nasty manipulative dehumanizing reductionist dangerous xenophobic hate-mongering, attempting to perpetuate, reinforce, and increase the already-inappropriate labeling of Muslims as all being dangerous hostile “others”, which seems to have been used as an excuse for great amounts of misguided violence, prejudice, maltreatment and suffering.

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@flo we all know what would happen…the left would scream about how that author was anit-muslim and how horrible that person was. We have seen that play out numerous times in the past so we all know how it would go. You can tell by how the liberals have already answered your question that they don’t want to show their hypocrisy. Interestingly, the left hates religion for the most part. One has to wonder why they defend Islam so much. They can spew hatred of Christianity all day long and say it is justified but if anyone says anything that might be viewed as negative about Islam they are all over that person.

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did @seawulf575 even read what I wrote? Or is he so filled with his own bullshit that he is unable to comprehend the English language?

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@elbanditoroso what the part where you tried slamming “anti-muslim persons” or the part where you got smarmy and condescending with @flo? It’s so hard to tell…both make my point for me.

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A related thread:
@elbanditoroso If you just remove the @seawulf575 part from your response to (him?), it can go under any topic,any statement, meaning that it’s is not a response. If a person said the earth is flat” and someone else showed that it’s not, the person who wrote that the earth is flat can post that response, right?

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@Zaku I needed more time to read your post. But I’m looking at your last 2 paragraphs.

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