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What are some memorable smells from your childhood?

Asked by Kardamom (32101points) May 16th, 2019 from iPhone

Playdough, and Grandma’s soap come to mind.

Some of the scents and aromas from your childhood might be good, or odd, or delicious, or stinky, but they are still smells that you associate with your childhood.

What do you remember?

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Gosh, I miss smells. Literally I lost my sense of smell after a bad sinus infection. I miss the smell of a distant campfire, honeysuckle, fresh cut grass. My first real girlfriend wore this vanilla oil and when I would smell something like it it reminded me of her and all the good times we had. Grandads basement had a faint aroma of tool oil, I think fondly of tinkering there as a kid when I smelled that.

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Smoke smell. Dad smoked in the house. When I walked in and smelled that warm smell it was like a soft blanket wrapping me up.
Smell of fresh rain on hot pavement. New mown grass. The relief as I chugged liters of water out of the hose on 100+ days after playing hard in the sun.

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Wet dish rag smell in the cafeteria

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Getting ready for school….the smell of the plastic pencil pouches that zip and clip into your 3 ring binder.
The smell of pencils and crayons and erasers as you endlessly organize before the first day.

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The smell of Ponderosa Pines in the Sierra, because they reminded me of the smell of artichokes.

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The smell of leather car seats.

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So many!

The good: Coppertone sunscreen specifically mixed with hose water, that was the smell of summer. My grandma’s cinnamon apple candles she lit everywhere in the house year round. when you opened her front door the smell hit you in the face. My dad’s “work cologne” he put too much on but I remember him hugging me good bye in the morning and it sticking to my clothes.

The bad: Cherry Robitussin in a plastic cup, I was prescribed it for a whole year for a chronic cough. Every day at lunch I had to take it and the nurse made me chase it with water. I started storing pickles in my cheeks so that I could crunch them up after taking it. I hate pickles now.

The weird but good: My childhood dogs feet after he ran through the fresh cut grass. Why I was smelling my dogs feet as a child I do not know…

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^^ I admit to being a lifelong dog foot smeller. They smell like Fritos to me.

I’ve turned a couple of dog owners onto it. They had no idea.

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I still smell my puppies feet sometimes, they smell like tortilla chips :D

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How strange! ~ :)

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Honeysuckle in the Catskills.

My grandma cooking a steak.

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My Dad’s Old Spice and my Mom’s Lavender perfume.
The leaves burning in the fall. Our neighborhood used to have leaf burning parties every year, with marshmallows and hot dogs.
Lilacs, Roses and Iris in our garden
Wood in the fireplace

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