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Do you eat the fortune cookie?

Asked by Stache (4135points) 1 month ago

Do you eat the cookie or only read the fortune? Do you do both?

I like the cookies when they aren’t stale.

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I always eat the cookies. If they aren’t too stale…

I always told people that you have to at least eat some of the cookie. Otherwise, it won’t know who’s fortune to tell:)

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Both, every time. Unless my son steals them all first. He loves fortune cookies.

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Unfortunately, I do both.

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^Word play… Nice…

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Yeah I do both as well.

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I usually read the fortune, but not always. I like ones that are actual fortunes and not just compliments.

Although I do really like the cookies themselves. I’ve eaten flat round ones that obviously have no fortunes in them but taste the same and they are great :)

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I love fortune cookies. I love eating them and I love the fun of the fortune.

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Neither one.

I find that the epicurean quality of a fortune cookie, is surpassed only by the accuracy and the personally relevant specificity of the details provided by the fortune.

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I do both. Some fortune cookies are better than others. I once even bought them at the market to serve with the Chinese meal I made at home. I don’t always eat the whole cookie.

Bit of trivia, the fortune cookie was invented in America, it wasn’t a Chinese tradition. It was a Japanese immigrant I think who put the fortune in the cookie, which was a Japanese cookie. Something like that. Or, maybe it was a Japanese cookie, and a Chinese immigrant thought to put the fortune in it?

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I just eat the fortune cookie. I sometimes buy a big bag of them. They’re addicting.

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Both, with great delight.

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I crack open the cookie, read my fortune, begin eating the cookie while I ponder my fate from my fortune. I then look a the numbers on the fortune. They usually make good lottery number picks!!!

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I read the fortune, take a bite of the cookie and say “Feh!” to both usually.

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I do both. I even took the lotto pick and got a ticket just for kicks a time or two.

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I do neither. Actually, I’m not real fond of the cuisine so I never eat at Chinese restaurants. I can’t recall the last time I did (and thus had a fortune cookie), but it’s probably been a decade and a half at least.

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I do both. I love Chinese food, and the ritual of opening fortune cookies, reading the fortune, and eating the cookie is a lovely childhood memory.

Now I’m craving Chinese food.

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I eat both.

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I worked for a brand new hotel that used fortune cookies made with all sorts of discounts offered on the slip of paper inside. The sales reps dressed up in Asian attire and gave them out to potential customers.

We were left with a rather large bag of the broken cookies that weren’t handed out. The staff snacked on the remains for weeks, until we swore them off. It’s been 30+ years, and I still won’t touch one.

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I eat them as well as collect the fortune slips in a jar. Its a novel idea and people enjoy the surprise.Anyone can make one.
Here is a link of how they are mass produced, although I had seen how one can make these at home online elsewhere.

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I actually kind of like them.

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I read the whatever, compare it to Rick’s and take his if I like it better, then I take one bite of cookie. It’s ok, just tooooo sweet. It almost melts in your mouth like sugar.

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My fortune has always been the same:

This insert has a protective coating.

I’m lucky that way.

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Too much sugar

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[Mod says]: Flames off, folks.

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@muppetish Thank you.

Let us please get back to cookies and fortunes.

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I’m going to have a cookie with my coffee this morning. Leftovers from the other night. :)

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I love fortune cookies. Why are people arguing about cookies?

I read the fortunes, and eat the cookies. I cannot fathom why fortune cookies could upset people. Am I missing something?

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