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Has anyone ever seen a really tall old person? I haven't.

Asked by overoceans (6points) August 25th, 2008
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Please define what you mean by “old” and “really tall.” Certainly as one ages, the distance between the vertebrae becomes compressed.

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its called osteoperosis

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Yes, please define old and tall.

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Most people (women, certainly) as they age, are now taking osteoporosis meds. Osteo is a little different than compression of the vertebral discs, which are not bony.

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Wow! You just blew my mind! I have NEVER seen a tall old person. I understand about osteoporosis but if they were a extremely tall person they still be at least a very tall old person. I guess tall people don’t live very long.

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The photo included in this press release is of three fairly tall gentlemen, Bill Russell, age 74, 6’9”, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 61, 7’2” and Bill Walton, 55, 7’1”, who along with the late Wilt Chamberlain, are the greatest centers ever in basketball history. And their bodies took a lot more abuse than the normal wear and tear a non-athlete’s body does.

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PS: The photo is a few years old. The ages I provided are current.

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My grandfather was still 6’2”-ish when he died in his mid-70s. Does that count as old and tall?

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I’m 6’2” and 54 years old. Maybe I qualify?

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My grandfather died when he was 76, he was well over 6ft tall.

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One of my customers is about 6 1/2 feet tall and well into his seventies. He looks a little like the Grim Reaper if his robe was at the dry cleaners.

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I’m talking about taller than six and a half feet. And by old, I mean anyone you wouldn’t say is middle aged if you had to describe them, but old. 50+

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ouch, ouch (not really tall, really old)

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