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How far would you travel to meet a Jelly lad near the Firth of Forth?

Asked by janbb (56317points) June 3rd, 2019

And who might it have been?

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Oh, a few thousand miles and give our best to the AlternateCoelentrateCollective!!!

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Indeed. A lovely day was had by all – I think!

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Do tell!

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We want pictures, but will settle for some details?

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Oh that does sound like fun!!!

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Futherother and I met up in Edinburgh today where I’m traveling with a friend. We took a nice walk, ate a nice lunch and went round a small museum.

All my Jelly folk that I’ve met in my travels have been as nice as I found them to be on Fluther.

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“All my Jelly folk that I’ve met in my travels have been as nice as I found them to be on Fluther.”

Very diplomatic phrasing. ~

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I saw RealEyes…in his hometown a couple of years ago. I didn’t travel to see him, it was just a happy coincidence.

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There are several jellies here that if they were in my neck of the woods and wanted to meet I would be glad to do so.
I haven’t been in the states for over two decades and can’t see myself going down there any time soon.
But if they were up here I would have a coffee or lunch with them fer sure.

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Arkansas is in my future. Luxembourg as well.

(Say hello to Randy and RareDenver.)

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No idea what you mean, but I was recently there, so I’m afraid you missed me.

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@Zaku if you read my posts you’ll see what I meant.

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@janbb Oh, I see! Very nice!

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A lovely day was indeed had by all. If it had been the following day we would have met on the fourth at the Firth of Forth. Janbb is the first jelly I have met in real life and she is just as I expected – a very genuine and fun person. Her friend is also a lovely person and I’m glad we all met. I hope your trip to the Highlands wasn’t too wet. Haste ye back!

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Well I happened to be in KnowItAll’s town so I hollered and we got to meet.
Snowberry came through here and we met.
Rarebear / Caravanfan was just a snap away. He was just north of us to get the best view of the eclipse. I wanted to go meet him so bad, but Rick didn’t want to. >_<.
We used to have a Jelly that just lived about 45 minutes from me, and I’ve been in her hometown a zillion times. It was Knitfroggy. But we never met.

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I’ve only met 4 in real life and talked to 3 on the phone.

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@chyna, I’ll call you sometime and even out your record.

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I’ve been over the Forth bridge (the railway one of course)

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