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Is my sleeping pill regimen responsible for this excessive fatigue?

Asked by Aster (19546points) June 3rd, 2019

Each night I take one 25mg clear gelcap of Benedryl and one mg of Melatonin. Works like a charm so why am I exhausted? Could it be from driving into town, fifteen miles, in 89 degree heat to sit at his dorm waiting for my grandson to move back into the dorm then driving to visit my girlfriend whose husband died in February ? She’s confined to an independent living facility and extremely lonely. I must have been super stressed out for this to have happened to me. I can barely move. I’m out of shape and a senior citizen (ugh).

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Yes, it could be responsible for it. Sleeping pills will often exacerbate sleeping disorders especially if you have obstructive sleep apnea.

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Despite the medication, you don;t say how long you are allowing yourself to sleep.

Melatonin takes a full eight hours, otherwise you will be groggy when you get up.

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It sounds more like your fatigue is due to a very stressful day.

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@zenvelo I slept my usual eight hours.
@janbb I’ve been thinking the same thing.

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Is it just this one day that you’re so fatigued? If so then I’d blame it on the day.

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Hard to recall but I think so. Thanks.

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The heat will zap the energy right out of you. When I spend time out in the heat I almost always need a nap.

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There are times when I think back on the extremes of heartland weather. I remember the blizzard that was the final straw when I tried to cross the iced over street and the wind blew me back to the curb, knowing in 4 months I could pour water on the same intersection and watch it literally evaporate in front of me. That blizzard was the story from Chicago through Reno on the 3 day bus ride that should have been a 12 hour trip. The bus left Reno at 4AM and I was by then so accustomed to the thing that I fell into a deep sleep. I awoke with a huge dachshunds head in a chef’s hat and bowtie staring at me through the window. It was Oakland —brilliant blue sunshine and 70 degrees. The trip ended in San Francisco, and I stepped off that bus confused that the rest of the country had not beat me here.

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Just in case interactions with two drugs could cause worse results.

This link advises to check with your Pharmacist.

A bit scary knowing that you are driving and with your Grandson too?

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I’m always hung over on the day after I take Benedryl & I can’t function for days after taking Melatonin. I’ve never thought of trying the 2 at the same time as I feel it would turn me into a zombie. Have you tried taking just one or the other to see how you feel???

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How are you doing now? It sounds like it was a stressful day. I am assuming that was one day of stress like that? The drive to your grandson in college and then visiting the person in the nursing home sounds like a lot for one day. In the 90 degree weather, if your car has air conditioning that helps. Make sure you drink a lot of water on those busy days.

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Here it is June the ninth and I’m tired and weak. Last night I got eight hours sleep on one Benedryl , my 1mg Melatonin and an Ibuprofen which I’m supposed to throw out since it gave me bleeding ulcers. I sleep so well when I take it. I awoke feeling fairly well but by noon the fatigue crept back in and I attempted to nap to no avail. @LadyMarissa that’s a good idea to take one or the other but I’m afraid I wont sleep. It’s worth a try. It could be my thyroid; I just don’t know. Abnormal.

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@jca2 Of course my car has air conditioning. Thanks.

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Let’s run down some usual culprits of what can make you very tired.

Low iron
Slow thyroid
Serious illness like cancer (God forbid, and not likely).

I think get some basic blood work done. Will your doctor just send in an order for you?

Do you have other thyroid symptoms? Hair falling out, dry eyes, dry skin, slower heart rate, higher blood pressure? You won’t necessarily get all the symptoms though.

Symptoms of low iron, is your tongue and the conjunctiva of your eye very pale pink or almost lacks color? Very very extreme you might crave eating ice, or things that aren’t food.

By the way I did once hear a report about melatonin not working or having some negative effects. I don’t remember what they said well, but you could google.

If you are sleepy why are you still taking drugs to go to sleep? I would try without it.

What you describe sounds like me when my iron is low. When my thyroid is slow I usually actually sleep a ton of hours. But no way to know until you get tested.

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