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Can you recommend a comfortable big and tall ( for 6'5" , 265 lbs) gaming , or executive, chair?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16783points) June 9th, 2019

Under $250. Or an excellent one just to window shop with no intention of buying?

I have no rush to buy. Just window shopping for now.

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The limit on most chairs is 250 pounds but here are recent best bets for 250 to 300 pound limit chars a couple are just over $150 US.

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There is a used office furniture place near by – I bought a HON brand Extra Large chair from them about a year ago. $125 – still in the plastic.

It isn’t strictly speaking a gamer chair (what is a gamer chair?) – but rather an office chair.

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I’m about 8 ” shorter and ~ 100 pounds lighter than you and I love this chair.
Black Bungee Chair from the Container Store.
The specs say it will support 450 pounds.
It cost $150 US and that included shipping to my door. It came with 2 Allen wrenches to assemble it. That took fewer than 10 minutes.

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@elbanditoroso A gamer chair is a comfortable chair for long term sitting.

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I have a very similar body size. I will pretty much break any back off of a chair, if I lean back.

Paying attention to how the back is connected to the seat, is essential in determining the chairs durability. I just use a tough bar stool, but my butt wishes for better padding.

I have sworn to build a chair, put of 2×4’s, but never follow through….

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@anniereborn Oh my! That is over the top! If I had that I’d never leave the house.

I find the bungee chair is comfy but still encourages getting up and moving.

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@LuckyGuy It looks way comfy. I’d love it! And not a bad price either.

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@anniereborn The bearings and piston are of really high quality. This chair will last a long time.

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Update: Moved desktop computer to living room coffee table next to comfy couch. Saved $250.

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That’s using your head bro.

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Good move! ;-)

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