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It's up to you: how will you mitigate the fear and distrust among President Trump's supporters (see details)

Asked by SaganRitual (2072points) June 15th, 2019

President Trump sets the example for his voters: he shows contempt to those who disagree with him or refuse to bend to his will, often vilifying them at the same time. He encourages his voters to see themselves as victims of “the left”, looked down upon from lofty towers paid for with their own taxes, snubbed in favor of lazy welfare recipients and rapist Mexicans with iPhones. Et cetera.

These people (the president’s supporters) are pissed and distrustful, and they’re not going to recover when President Trump leaves office. They’ll stay pissed and distrustful, and every election will be a farce, driven strictly by fear and anger—that’s not democracy.

It’s imperative that we find some way to heal these deep wounds, to bring trust and respect back into the conversation. We’re totally stuck in the…hmm…swamp…until our injuries heal. So, how are you going to MAWA—Make America Whole Again? What’s your plan?

(If you have nothing but doom and gloom to say, at least make it entertaining. An extended haiku, or a limerick, or something.)

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I thought that MAWA stood for Make America WHITE Again – at least that is how I have seen it previously.

It’s not my role to mitigate or grovel to the Trumpian acolytes. My role is to move forward and make the US a progressive and liberal country again.

The Trumpoids made their own choices. Now they need to unmake them.

A poem:

Two years ago people elected dumb Trump.
Since then he has screwed the US in its rump.
I don’t see how anyone can vote
For Trump again – he’s sinking the boat.

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“It’s imperative that we find some way to heal these deep wounds, to bring trust and respect back into the conversation”

It’s called we listen to them and help them with their problems instead of calling them racist and then ignoring them.

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^When we present them with facts and scientific data they ignore it and call it fake or they say “the Bible says differently.” There’s no getting through to these people. His base is a lost cause.

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First of all, the narrative MUST be addressed. Trump’s support is a DIRECT reflection of the dismal failure of the Democratic party. There is no party of the left in this country, and it is absolutely disgraceful that the Democratic party fails to dispute conservative ideology on grounds the heartland can appreciate. How difficult can it be to explain to Trumpsters that their troubles cannot be pinned on welfare recipients or refugees—in other words people more desperate than themselves.

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Hey @Stache they don’t give a rats ass about the things you’re going to talk to them about. They’re struggling with the very basics. Left wing politics and especially the stuff of focus lately is pretty well ignoring them.

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^so are we. They aren’t the only people struggling.

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@SaganRitual Once again, I see you posting and some responders posting an awful lot of accusations and assertions about Trump and his “base”

It seems to be setting up a false narrative to make a statement rather than asking a question,

The recently elected Democrats in the House of Representatives have done nothing but obstruct, even the funding of humanitarian aid so desperately needed at the border for additional beds and medical supplies—or the USMCA deal with Canada and Mexico, or the Prison Reform bill. The liberal-owned and controlled media have not given you a realistic view of what’s going on at the border. It wasn’t too long ago when many of you were saying that we were at an all-time low at the border, while the border Patrol was apprehending four thousand a day—those were just the ones who were stopped.

I fail to see the racism so often espoused on these boards. Nor have I seen Trump vilify anyone who did not first make fabricated allegations or insults first.

Trump supporters do not vilify legal immigrants or many of the illegal ones, and certainly not people of color. What most Trump supporters recognize as the greatest threat to our country is socialism and the current Democratic party.

Never before in our history has one presidential administration used the powerful tools of intelligence to spy on a rival campaign or fix an election to favor a campaign. Never before have our top intelligence leaders committed FISA fraud. All of these things are currently being looked at broadly and aggressively

Trump supporters consider some of the activities of the previous administration, as well as the coming far-left fringe of socialism, to be the greatest threat to America. Not people of color or people who disagree with Trump.

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I won’t. Their lack of insight on their fearless leader will cause their support system to implode.

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Will clerihew do, or hoodoo those who do?

Don’t rump
Just dump
In promises
What people want

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How are you going to repair it on both sides? Democrats done trust Republicans and Republicans don’t trust Democrats. It’s been like that for years. The religious right thinks the liberals want to eliminate Christianity from the country, which is completely ridiculous, and that liberals are ok with killing a 9 month health fetus, which is ridiculous, and the Democrats thing all Trump voters are racist, which is ridiculous, and Republicans said Obama would be one a socialist dictator and never leave office like Castro, which was ridiculous, and now Democrats are saying Trump will never leave, and I could go on and on.

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I think the question might be presenting a viewpoint that isn’t exactly 100% true. It assumes that the only reason the Trump supporters don’t like the left is because Trump says they are bad. Remember, we had Obama for 8 years and polls near the end of that time showed 70+% of Americans felt the country was going down the wrong path. That was before Trump was even the Republican nominee.
I agree that Trump rails against his detractors and is often childish in doing so. But he has also spoken against the extreme bias in the “news” media which many people were seeing before he was POTUS. Many of his detractors merely parrot what they hear on these biased outlets.
I think the point is that many of Trump’s supporters were already pissed off at the left before Trump ever came onto the scene. Trump is a symptom, not a cause. So the real question is what does the left need to do to help mend the fences they destroyed over the past few decades?

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Your cunt…country is so fucking divided it makes diddly squat difference who gets the WH gig.

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@JLeslie Yes, only the loudest, most ridiculous voices on the fringes get registered. Nevermind the fact that if you take your average republican or democrat, sit them both down to hash things out they’ll agree on 95% of issues provided it’s not disclosed what team they’re rooting for. If that’s known they won’t even talk.

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Here is the sad thing,
No matter who is nominated and sworn in, the heavy hitters win either way, keeping themselves afloat by marketing hate.
In those battles where the common citizens rarely win and the power thrusters rarely lose, race used to be a card frequently played. What liberals have failed to see is that is no longer true.
Racism has been diffused to barely more than personal level activism.
The major playing grounds now are ecostrategies, and what directions are most beneficial.
Remember the Governator’s plan for a north south rail system, and promises to have power stations for electric cars readily available?
Wind turbines, which don’t cause cancer, and never had Trump claimed they do, have huge drawbacks which supporters don’t want to recognize.
Religion is fast becoming old news. Believers hang on tight, and I can’t blame them. What do we offer to replace the comfort found in a powerful, protective, source of love and discipline?

Liberals don’t understand what Trump supporters believe, or want, or follow, because the rules are changing. What is needed is for liberals to understand that conservatives did not vote Trump to harm anyone. It is all about who can best organize the resources of the US for the best return for the most people.

I’m sorry that the man tweets the first angry thought which comes to mind when someone makes him feel bad.
I’m sorry he is huge, thus making millions feel physically inadequate, or threatened.

Me, I don’t need dems to accept my choices. I simply remember a time when the furrows were not dug so deep. I miss the times when a discussion or debate could be had without bloodshed or demands for suicides.
Our nation was deeply divided to the point of civil war once. I just don’t want us to relive that. All of us would hurt over such a divide, except those heavy hitters who try to drive us to it.
The media sees us as marks. Who would prefer to not let them do us like that?

Marketing and media do not drive my choices. Social media is out of control and mostly should not be trusted.

I am willing to be friends with liberals, but so many seem bent on hating. I am not a hater.

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Well Said!

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You see I see the haters as Trump people towards anyone who disagrees with Trump or his Space Force policies,it’s the right who then stand up point and say your nothing but a hater.

Those same people scream hater ,when anyone debunks one of Trump’s many lies, if that doesn’t fly they scream Fake news,even though the lie has been brought out and proven to be a lie.

I don’t remember any time when Obama was in office the term hater was used so much.
Even die hard conservatives are saying Trump is going at it wrong when fighting in the political ring, they say go ahead and attack the persons ideas and policies but don’t attack the person, and attack the person is what Trump does.
I have never seen the us so divided since Trump took office, like the countries debt I doubt the us can crawl out from under this debt or divide in any of our life times.

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Who here is going to confess to being a hater? All you folks who believe liberals Trump haters and disseminators of fake news equate assessment of the fool as hatred. I keep telling you that hatred is a dummy’s answer to such accusations. I don’t accuse any of you of being Hillary or Obama haters, simply because the accusation is a meaningless dodge. No one bothers to counter the accusation that the fool is a pathologically lying narcissist. Instead, the flimsy reply of hatred or fake news is thrown up as the motivation. You treat harsh but honest assessment of an individual CLEARLY flawed beyond precedent as though such accusations are slurs against the disabled. How bad is Trump? He is SO BAD, that those here who wrestle with mental demons cringe at the very association of the fool with mental illness. They want no part of him! Trump SHOULD BE the poster child in the campaign against mental illness and the stigmatization of those who suffer therefrom. Instead his perpetual and shameful antics highlighting the worst aspects of his disorders render him the pariah of the movement. So before the “hater” reply emerges from you folks, just answer me this. If Trump isn’t mentally unbalanced, what is YOUR rationale for his behavior?

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@SQUEEKY2 So what is the big lie that has been brought out and proven to be a lie?

The origins of the Russia probe are already extremely well documented, and are being investigated on a very high and broad level. Hillary’s campaign used several foreign powers and agencies to sway the election *Christopher Steele, Russians and the Dossier, even Ukraine) There are four counts of FISA abuse and criminal referrals will be made when the Horowitz report comes out Some in Obama’s administration will be going to prison. When this happens, will you be able to face reality, or will you go ballistic and think something neferious is happening?

Well, anyhow, just what is the “big lie” that has been made known and proven to be a lie?

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“Well, anyhow, just what is the “big lie” that has been made known and proven to be a lie?”

He lies on a daily basis.

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That site set off the security warning in my phone. Before I tapped out, I saw quotes which may or may not have been said by the president, and the word false labelled each, but I saw nothing which looked like proof.

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Politifact is about as biased left as you can get.

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Many of the things Politifact said were false were actually true.

We have seen the clips of people on the left defining and defending their positions. “Poor word choice” doesn’t mean something is false.

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Good grief. Typical denial when presented with Trump’s own words.

Not ever wasting my time again with Trump supporters. As I said, they are a lost cause. At least they are the minority.

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Trump quoted governor Northam almost verbatim and directly in context. Yet the politifact article says this was false, or a lie, and the reason is ‘poor choice of words.”

Just because you are wrong doesn’t mean the other person is lying.

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@seawulf575 Sorry if I seemed to be making it about President Trump. That wasn’t my intention. You’re absolutely right that we had this problem before Mr Trump was voted into office. Although I do think he is throwing gasoline on a fire, I don’t think he is the problem. My main question is about the huge rift between left-leaning humans and right-leaning humans in the US.

@Yellowdog Sorry if I seemed to be making a statement. I was attempting simply to describe the situation. I don’t blame President Trump. He is a symptom, as you have pointed out. As I mentioned above, I’m asking how you—you—will heal the rift.

@JLeslie Someone has to take the high road, or we’ll be stuck here forever. Someone has to reach out. President Trump’s supporters see his detractors (and anyone else who disagrees or disappoints him) as a genuinely dangerous and malevolent enemy. The president’s detractors (I’m projecting, obviously) see his supporters as simply misguided and misinformed (and of course, fearful). If there is ever going to be healing, the left must take the initiative.

@Everyone! (ok, not everyone, but a lot of you): you’re demonstrating the problem perfectly. You know what they say about the definition of insanity. What’s your plan to fix this? (Hint: if it starts with the other side changing in some way, it’s not going to work.)

Get back to that drawing board!

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@SaganRitual No problem. I think that the left leaning media has more to do with the rift than Trump does. He puts out childish tweets all the time which doesn’t help, but 24/7/365 the left leaning media has been skewing everything. But they were doing that for decades. That is why Trump went directly to social media for the 2016 election…he knew he would never get a fair shake on the “news”.

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@SaganRitual As they say, you can’t fix stupid. Why is it the left’s responsibility when the hard core Trump supporters deny facts and Trump’s own words? Trump is a symptom of something that was there and already stewing but he made it worse, and in my opinion made it to where we can’t go back, at least not with his base. They are truly a lost cause and as I said above, at least they are the minority. The left needs to continue to fight for equality for minorities, healthcare for all and environmental protections. Trying to fix a divide that was worsened by Trump is a lost cause.

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I agree with @Stache… you can’t fix stupid. Liberals believe the lies they are told and repeat them over and over, desperately hoping they are true. Take the most recent claim…that conservatives are in the minority.

I guess if you try to tell a lie enough, you can make it sound like truth. But those that do so forget that there are actual facts to show the lie for what it is. So to continue to push the lie is stupid.

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Which brings us once again to the fool, the living embodiment of your final paragraph. Try reading that paragraph without its precise application to the position conservatives find themselves in regarding the truth. Nothing can approach the fool when it comes to truth and its polar opposite. With Trump at the masthead, the absurdity of ANY conservative lecturing on truth is too ludicrous to tolerate.

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And there we have whataboutisms. Keep proving my point.

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Yes of course. Obama is the conservative I always envision with the words “lying sociopath”. It certainly lends rock solid credibility to any discussion here. Let’s hear your take on Obama the lying sociopath.

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@Stache can you not distinguish that your example is an extremely biased, actually inflamed source?

Those lists of “lies”—when I read them, fall into the following categories:

(1) Statements that are NOT lies. They just don’t support what you or your source believes or the narratives they want to push—‘and rely on “fact checkers’ that are often the source of the same data; This is sort of “circular” fact checking.

(2) Statements made out of context

(3) Innocuous statements that may be incorrect or may be lies, but not worthy of note. Saying that England is our biggest trading partner, for example. That may not be true, or accurate, but it is not trying to deceive the American people.

(4) true but exaggerated or optimistic or :best case scenario” statements,

(5) Some, but very little, ARE actual lies.

Nowhere do I see lies about other people, or world events, as the Left does every hour of every day by deliberate distortion, exaggeration, or omission of relevant detail / context.

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Are you serious? Read your last paragraph with Trump in mind. I swear before heaven I don’t know where you find the wherewithal to even utter such visibly preposterous nonsense. Do you exist in some sensory deprivation bubble?

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Oh ffs. Delusional is an understatement. This is why I give up. I will end with this lie but I will not do any more homework for someone who is so close-minded.

This is only one of thousands of lies the man has told while in office.

I’m sure the right will find some excuse to say this is fake news as well.

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@Stache Your home is on fire. It’s not really the time to talk about who’s responsible for picking up the hose.

@seawulf575 Your home is on fire. It’s not really the time to talk about whose fault it is. I admit my contribution to the problem; I didn’t realize that my comments about the president would so derail the conversation.

@Everyone—THIS is how you’re going to fix the problem?

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@SaganRitual Our home is on fire. I’m going to ignore those who ignore the firefighters because they have nothing of value to contribute.

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@SaganRitual I think the problem we face is that we are so polarized. Those that lean left cannot, under any circumstances, say anything decent about a conservative or conversely, say anything detrimental about a liberal. And those that lean right see their views as being sound, backed with facts, and will only budge if there is proof they are wrong. That combination makes for an entire lack of communication or cooperation. Without communication or cooperation, how do you revive a relationship?

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@SaganRitual It won’t work. I want the left to stop being purposefully contrary, and I want them to find common ground where they can with the Republicans, but I can tell you that the Republicans won’t do the same. The Republicans have been hateful fear mongers for decades, and now the Democrats are using their playbook, hoping to fight fire with fire. Now, both sides tell their supporters the sky is falling to get their votes.

I don’t mean all Democrats and all Republicans, but it’s a lot of them. You can’t let the “other” team get control because the country will fall off the face of the earth, total doom.

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Please tell me how the left can help with the divide when you have people on the right asking about their “straight pride month” or “white pride month”. It is impossible to get through to these people. They don’t understand their privilege.

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It is difficult to look at or listen to Trump and conclude that there is a rational mind behind the bluster. In fact there is accumulating evidence that the critical function of our government administrators is in shielding the country’s infrastructure from the destructive impulses of the irritable dummy.

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You are barking up the wrong tree, @Stache, in fact, you didn’t even reach the forest yet.

Why don’t you check a few past threads. Those of us who claim to be not democrats are a much more colorful bunch than you give us credit for.

stanleybmanly's avatar

Number me among them

Patty_Melt's avatar

??? Which them, dear?

stanleybmanly's avatar

Non democrats. None of you would prefer to believe that I am not a Democrat, but even a raving Trotskyist can’t allow such glaring inanities as comparisons of Trump’s superior mental equipment in contrast to Obama, or even assertions that the flaws with Trump are about silly tweets. For the love of God, why do you people make me rip out my hair? Can’t you understand that the tweets are about JUDGEMENT? And they are not about the slips endemic to every human being. THEY ARE ABOUT PERPETUAL, SUSTAINED, UNRELENTING BAD JUDGEMENT.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@Patty I am speaking about encounters I’ve had with Trump supporters in all areas of my life, not just Fluther. Don’t tell me my experiences with homophobes on the right is not legit. You have some nerve. I have loved ones who have experienced harassment and discrimination and it’s only gotten worse with Trump in office. I have zero respect for anyone who supports the man. ZERO.

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I misunderstood then. I’m sorry.
I thought you were making accusations about fluther members.
I do know there is a lot of evil out there in the world. I am sorry you have been hurt.
Just don’t lump me with them.
I don’t think escalation is because of the president.

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@Stache sorry…I’ll give you the answer I always get…“Anecdotal evidence doesn’t prove anything. Get some real facts!”

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@seawulf575 You are either blind or ignorant if you think LGBT people and people of color haven’t been harmed by this administration. You obviously don’t know any LGBT people. Or brown people. I’m not going to waste my time giving you links when I know for a fact you won’t read them. You’ll say it’s fake. I won’t waste my time on people like you on the internet. I work locally, in person, to help those in need and get those voted into office who will work for the minorities.

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What, you don’t like hearing how anecdotal evidence is meaningless? Huh. Maybe you should think of that the next time you try telling me that same thing. And maybe you are blind or ignorant to the fact that unemployment among blacks had dropped drastically under Trump. More and more blacks are seeing through the scam the Dems have pulled on them for years. But yeah, putting people to work could be skewed to being harmful I guess. If you have an aversion to getting them off public assistance. THEY don’t have an aversion to it, obviously.
And your smarmy attitude falls flat when you start making assumptions about me and then trying to hold me accountable to them. I do indeed know many LGBT people as well as many blacks and latinos. I have no problem with any of them. So when you take facts, apply them to your statements, you come up with complete crap on your side.

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^You are another on this site living in a fantasy world. It’s disgusting and you aren’t worth a second more of my time.

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He is remarkably similar to the . fool himself. I mean just look at the tripe that spills out of him. Let’s start with his last answer. He begins with a lecture on the folly of anecdotal evidence, and in the next sentence declares that Trump is the solution to black unemployment, followed by the declaration that the black community is turning away from the Democratic party, then immediately switching to another lecture on YOUR side playing fast and loose with the facts and terminating in the announcement that it is his opposition purveying “complete crap”. The man is a freak show of conflicting nonsense, and an embarrassment to rational discussion.

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So much for OP.
Looks like nobody wants to ease anybody.

Patty_Melt's avatar

I think the problem with this thread is, conservatives are comfortable with our decisions. It is democrats who need some nerve soothing.
Either way, here is something I bet both libtards and orange followers can appreciate, a little political humor from center of the aisle.

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That was indeed hilarious! Thanks for that, @Patty_Melt!

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“conservatives are comfortable with our decisions. It is democrats who need some nerve soothing.”

Please soothe the nerves of those who are harassed when they need to use a restroom to pee and a conservative harasses them because they look like they don’t belong. Soothe the nerves of gay couples who can’t adopt because Trump won’t allow them. Soothe the nerves of the young brown children held in cages in our southern states.

Are you really comfortable with these decisions? I think they are worthy of going to hell if you believe in such a thing.

Libtards are pleaing for equality for the minorities. If we can’t help the helpless, who will?

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@stanleybmanly And your last answer shows exactly how out of touch with reality you really are. You try acting like I am being hypocritical for calling out @Stache on his anecdotal evidence. And what is your example? That I said unemployment among blacks was going down and that the blacks are starting to turn away from the Democratic Party. Unfortunately for you, those aren’t my opinion or my anecdotal evidence. They are documented facts. You cannot even distinguish between anecdotes and facts any more. Time for some Xanax, dude.

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No. Time for some documents. Save your Xanax for the lying “stable genius”! By the way, where are HIS documents.

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