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Anyone been watching Chernobyl?

Asked by Lonelyheart807 (2304points) June 16th, 2019

Has it affected you as much as it affected me? I was blown away.

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Having worked in nuclear power for decades, I saw actual documentaries and film footage of the event. It was quite astounding. So I watched the show as well. They did a pretty good job of capturing the gist of what went on.

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I just started watching. I’m only up to episode 3. It’s very stressful and maddening to watch.

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Saw the pilot and it was already harrowing for me. Normally I’d be interested but not this time. Finished the funny Barry instead.

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I’ve seen it and I thought it was excellent. One of the best things television has done. It is harrowing, but how could it not be? It is largely based on a compilation of oral histories by Svetlana Alexievich which will take you closer to the realities of the disaster than perhaps you would wish to be.

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