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Is Coke in glass bottles better than in plastic and why?

Asked by Aster (19634points) June 17th, 2019

My grandson told me Coke in glass tastes better . I’m having one now-only one in the house.
Is it better than in plastic and if so, why ?

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Glass is better for ones health as plastic has formaldehyde and other harmful checmicals in it that may seep into the fluid?

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A lot of glass bottle Cokes are bottled in Mexico; with cane sugar, it is a different taste.

Not all Coke in glass is from Mexico though !

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Plastic smells bad, which affects the taste.

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As @Tropical_Willie wrote, the difference is cane sugar v. corn syrup, not glass v. plastic. The taste is vastly superior.

If you have Boylan products in your area, that company manufactures a cane-sugar cola: Also, every Passover, the Coca-Cola company makes and distributes the good stuff.

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Kosher Coca Cola. Sounds interesting.

I VASTLY prefer colas and other drinks in glass or aluminum cans. The plastic effects the taste and seems to make the beverage too warm.

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Yes it is. Plastic bottles are not a good oxygen barrier, glass is.

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I don’t notice any difference. However, I always pour the Diet Coke into a new cup filled with ice. I almost never drink right out of the bottle or can.

However, one interesting bit of trivia I learned is that in fountain drinks, like you’d find at convenience stores, those machines tap into local water. As you know, each town has it’s own, unique water taste.

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Just asking, (1) isn’t distilled water required even for fountains using a local water supply; and (2) just a comment that fountain drinks usually have more syrup or something, because they survive being watered down by the melting of ice, and just taste better and stronger than what you get out of a can or bottle.

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1) No. Why would it be required? The water is already safe to drink.
2) My Coke is Diet Coke so no sugar.

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Well, I don’t mean to digress here, but in my city, the Memphis aquafir has some of the best tasting water in the world, and is one of two places where Coca Cola bottling plants are not required to distill the water.

But in your house and at the soda fountains, Chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals have been added—I’m sure the Soda fountains and Starbucks filters these out. But it would be good to get water that has never had infused chemicals in the first place, or distilled water.

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Glass is better, because it doesn’t leach taste, plus it keeps it colder.

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I can only speak for draught beer, It tastes much better from a glass tumbler. I don’t know why but plastic is just less satisfying to hold and to drink from never mind the taste.

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All drinks are better in glass than in plastic. My water bottle that I bring with me to exercise is glass. I don’t always put water in it, sometimes its tea or lemonade.

There is a scene on West Wing where one of the characters talks about his alcohol addiction. He says he loved the glass in his hand, the way the ice made some noise when he moved the glass, how it looked, the whole ritual. The glass Coke bottle feels different, looks different, it’s all different, and for many of us it is reliving the past. It is what a real Coke is.

The glass bottled Coke in America often is the cane sugar Coke, which some people believe tastes better, so they might be saying the glass is better tasting, meaning the cane sugar, or they might mean all Coke taste better in bottles. No way to know what they really mean unless you ask the individual. The glass bottle feels different, doesn’t affect the taste of the Coke, and the bottle stays cold, while plastic has no noticeable temperature. I’ll tell you that especially towards the end of the Coke as it starts to warm, is when you can really tell the difference between cane a corn syrup Coke.

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Kind of like the difference between reading a book electronically, or holding a physical book as you read it.

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I believe all drinks are better in glass bottles. It doesn’t have the plastic taste and feel, and has an old fashion feel to it. I remember when Lipton Tea came in glass bottles, then switched to plastic, I wasn’t happy.

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