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Has anyone found anything that helped old age joint pain?

Asked by Harper1234 (562points) 2 months ago

Both hubbie and I have joint pain and i am not surprised it is worse with some of the things that have to be tended to in the business we are in. We have tried several known OTC tablets with no true success. Anyone found the golden answer for old age?

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I have been using CBD for a few months and it helps me a lot.

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I use ibuprofen.

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I use extra strength Voltarian, it’s a topical rub.

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Turmeric (a spice, nice in some Indian food and in some teas, also available in capsules).

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Turmeric is also found in mustard, like for hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.

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i make a warm drink with water and:
1/8 turmeric powder
1 T apple cider vinegar
lemon juice (I use the ReaLemon juice in bottle about 2 squirts)
2 tsp honey.

You will be amazed how much this helps.

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I started having pain a couple of years ago, and it lasted for many months, somewhere between 6 and 12 months. It is gone now.

I upped my vitamin D (I was borderline on my blood tests) I lost a little weight, and I didn’t strain the joints, although I continued to do my Zumba, clean my house, etc. I’m not sure what part of that all worked, but it went away.

I was really afraid it was the beginning of joint pain forever, I even did a Q about it. I’m very grateful for now that it is gone. The pain was in my hips and elbows. I had the idea at the time that maybe it was a virus or something, but I’m pretty obsessed with the idea that a lot of rheumatic problems are likely caused by infections, so don’t pay any attention to me about that.

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I have joint pain from Lyme disease, not old age, but regularly taking magnesium and CBD at bedtime helps me. I also take hot baths with epsom salts occasionally.

I would also consider:
– gentle stretching
– yoga
– mindfulness
– meditation
– positive affirmations
– getting enough sleep
– avoiding inflammatory foods
– turmeric
– collagen peptides

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