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Should I get my girlfriend a King James Bible or something I think is easier to read/study?

Asked by Yellowdog (10273points) June 30th, 2019

My GF was raised to believe that the King James Bible is basically the supreme and final translation of the Bible

I respect the KJB for a number of reasons, but for reading and following and studying, there are translations easier to comprehend.

I myself prefer the English Bible for its depth, and the New Revised Standard version for its inclusive and gender-neutral spirit. But for a conservative Christian just wanting to read and study, I’d go with the New King James or the New International Version

If I get her a Bible or arrange for someone else to, should I go with what SHE wants or get something that would probably be a more accurate translation, since language has progressed so much since King James times?

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My earliest exposure to a Bible was the King James. I was quite young when I started reading and memorizing verses. I enjoyed the poetic feel to it. I realize it is difficult for many to make sense of it, and prefer an updated translation. To me the updated version seem too much like a textbook.
If she seems to prefer a King James, I would go with that. If you feel she hasn’t had enough exposure to make a choice, you should show her some comparisons. I’m sure you can do that online.

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The skeptic’s annotated bible, of course.

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Does she want a bible?

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It’s a birthday present. Get her what she wants. Unless she is mentally impaired, maybe assume that she is an adult and has the ability to understand her own preferences, instead of imposing yours.

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Get her what she wants or you’d be as well buying her a Koran.

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Consider a gift other than a bible. If you get a bible other than the one she prefers then it looks like you pushing your view on her. If you get her the one that she like, it looks patronizing. Given her beliefs, I am surprised that she does not already have a bible.

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An English Bible would be easier to read. That’s what the KJB is: an English translation.

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As someone born & raised in the south where you were weaned on the King James Version of the Bible, I think you’d insult her by giving her any other version of the Bible & suggest that you give her the KJV IF you’re going to give her a Bible!!! I have tried reading some of the newer, easier to read versions & I get nothig from them. When trying to determine which of the easier to read version I wanted to switch over to, I found myself picking up my KJV & re-reading what I had just read in the simplified version & realized that I wasn’t getting the same messages from the simplified versions.

I think that since she studied with the KJV, you should gift her a KJV IF you’re going to gift her a Bible!!! I’m also wondering IF she will find a Bible an amazing gift??? For me, it’s one of those personal items that you purchase for yourself!!! IF she’s religious enough to want a Bible, I bet she already has the one that she wants. IF you feel that you will be impressing her by giving her a Bible, I suggest that you think of another gift.

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My computer keeps deleting text as I near finishing, and it gets disconcerting.

Thanks to all who have written so far.

The denomination she was raised in is kind of a “King James Only” church, and some of the T.V. evangelists still use it predominately, and it works for what they teach because, well, they teach and explain as they go along..Usually they explain going beyond the King James text getting to the Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and the context behind when the original texts were written. But I’ve noticed an increasing number use the New King James or New Revised Standard Version, and most study bibles are New King James or New International Version, We now have a lot of very early manuscripts and fragments that have made t easier to understand the original contexts and culture for any translation,

There are words in the King James that can be read out of context, since we sometimes end up ‘translating’ a translation, as the words do not have the same meaning as in the 1600s or even more traditional later times

I think I;ll go with what @Patty_Melt says and show some comparisons. If she wants a KJB that’s what I’ll get, But in my opinion, the KJB is good for memorizing passages and quoting, but not the best for reading or comprehending—it sometimes throws up other barriers and adds a new level of translating to understand fully

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@Yellowdog I will re-ask my original question> Does she want a new bible, or is this your idea?

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Well, she hasn’t thrown away the small KJB bible she bought at a supermarket and writes an awful lot of notes when she listens to Christian radio or t.v. networks. Maybe I should get her one of today’s NYT bestseller fiction books instead ..

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@Yellowdog It is easier for those who didn’t grow up on the KJV of the Bible to read some of the newer versions. For those who did grow up learning from the KJV, it is much easier when we read from what we’re used to learning. Since you seem to be conflicted as to what book you should buy her, have you considered taking her to the book store & telling her that she can pick any book in which she has interest & that way you can buy her the exact book that she wants & you’re not guessing as to what you think she might like??? A friend of mine’s husband does that for her & she just loves it!!! She sees it as he is being thoughtful enough to give her what she actually wants instead of buying her something that she has to pretend to like or maybe giving her nothing because he couldn’t decide what to buy…just a thought.

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I got myself a Ryrie study bible many years ago. I find it opened up a whole new avenue into the bible. It gives not only cross references to other related bible passages but also has notes and explanations of many things on each page. If she wants a bible and is interested in learning more or getting a deeper understanding, that’s the one.

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Buy your girlfriend a useful book, and while you’re at it pick up a copy for yourself. I suggest Capital in the twenty first century by Thomas Pikkety

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The cartoon bible was pretty cool, but ya, I’d probably go with King J. More than likely she will not be a religious scholar, so may as well go with the norm, maybe a pretty version!

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A subscription to People magazine might be more useful. Or The Week.

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