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I have music ringtones on my you?

Asked by Stunt_1o1 (15points) July 29th, 2007 from iPhone

I just use a program called ifuntastic on my mac to Install ringtones on my phone and it worked perfectly fine .,,I have plenty of ringtones on my iPhone now and am very you have music ringtones

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i think ill have to look into that. You dont have to pay for them do you? Can you make your own from mp3s?

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Yes, you can make them using your own mp3's. the iFuntastic program is only compatible with an intel mac, so working under the assumption that you possess a copy of garageband, you're set to make your own ringtones. I also saw an article somewhere on how to get those free 30 second clips from the iTunes store into workable ringtones which is probably a good idea.

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I've used iFuntastic and it worked fine for me. I'm still a bit apprehensive about iPhone hacking but supposedly the worst that can happen is you'll have to do a hard reset.

I saw on last week that Apple was going to release an iTunes update last Friday. The update was supposed to allow custom ringtones, but only on songs purchased through ITMS. Obviously this has yet to happen, but I hope we won't be limited to purchased songs.

Another option for editing mp3s is Amadeus.

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No I dont have ring tones yet. I dont want to hack it nor do I use a Mac. I guess I will just have to wait until apple makes a fix.

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If you have a PC, there is a program called iPhoneRingToneMaker that let's you install your own ringtones without hacking. It costs $10 (normally $20 but there's an introductory special now) but it works well. You can try for free,too. It'll let you do three for free, I think.

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Here's the MacWorld article on modifying the iPhone for custom ringtones; it features iFuntastic, but lists a couple others.

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I do now! lol.

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I'm curious... how many of you had to restore your iPhone before you could run the update, and then did you lose your ringtones and have to go through the whole process over again?

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I haven't updated yet. I will tonight. In curious if it will affect me because I used that ringtone software, which claims that it does not hack your phone but simply installs ringtone into the ringtone folder. We'll see how accurate that claim is.

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yes I heard of that ...this update will remove any mods or hacks..I just finish updating and lost all ringtones and pictures in my camara roll which really upset me...I have already put my ringtones back on but my pictures from camera roll are list

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my camera roll is still here and my rings but I used iphoneringtonemaker no hacks

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I had to restore. Lost all my ringtones (used iFuntastic). iTunes remembered everything I had synced (music, videos, etc.), but all my settings were back to factory default. I also lost my address book pictures and had to restore them from a backup.

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I use iToner and it works fine – even after the latest iPhone software update (1.1.1).

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if you have a Mac and iLife, you can create ringtones for free using GarageBand’s export to iPhone option. This works whether or not its jailbroken.

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