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What skeeves you out?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8472points) July 12th, 2019

Apparently Rick’s dad could not STAND the feel of egg shells! It made his hair stand on edge. Just watching someone peel an egg freaked him out. But he loved to eat eggs.

I hate railroad tracks and washing my bare feet with soap using my hands. Both of those things creep me the hell out.

My sister is scared shitless of frogs.

And you?

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Any insect armed with weaponry.

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haha, I hate the kids slime that was so popular, chalk texture/ smell, full trash cans, can’t stand looking at uncared for bare feet (usually men, but a lot of women.)

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Crumbled bits of styrofoam.

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People serving food and not washing their hands first, or doing things like licking their fingers while serving food.

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That’s understandable @jca2.

I wonder what causes us to trip over funny little things like styrofoam and egg shells?

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Styrofoam. Hate. That. Shit.

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Nope. It’s just the worst feeling ever. Don’t know why.

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As I said my sister has a genuine phobia of frogs. It is SO bad you can’t even joke about it.
It’s weird, tho, because I remember her playing with frogs when she was little. We have no idea what happened.
My son LOVES frogs and all manner of creepy crawlies.
Once we were staying at a hotel for a family reunion. Chris was about 10. He’d scored a big, empty coffee container, probably from the hotel kitchen, the proceeded to fill it up with frogs he caught outside. They were in our room, right by the door.
My sister stopped in to chat…and she was standing about 3 feet from that can full of frogs!!!!
Chris was standing next to me and I sensed him tense up with evil glee. He took a breath like he was going to say something.
I causally dropped my loving arm across his shoulders and firmly grasped the large shoulder muscle of his right shoulder. We called them “Spock attacks” when we were little.
God he wanted to say something SO BAD!!! I kept pinching harder and harder to stop the little shit!
So there was this epic battle being played out right in front.of my sister and she had no clue. I kept the smile on my face and just talked naturally.
Thank God she only stayed a minute.
When she left I THREW myself on the bed and Chris fell on the floor and we were both somewhere between howling in insanity and laughing helplessly! I was beating on the bed and Chris was pounding on the floor!!
I never, ever told her either. I HAVE told her grown daughters though!

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I am not good with needles.

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Men have more problems with needles than women do, according to every nurse I’ve asked.

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Pfft, I watch the blood bag fill.

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People on stilts.
Who are wearing pants (over the stilts), and top hats (purple).

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I wish we had a laughy face!

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People who double dip when others are eating the same dip. It’s fine if it’s my husband, but anyone else I’m not eating that dip.

When waiters serve and bus their own tables, but I live with it, and successfully ignore it. Most restaurants I go to don’t have have separate servers and busboys, etc.

Men who obviously cheat constantly on their wives.

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People who offer me their leftovers that they been eating from. I don’t mean like half a sandwich or something that was already divided up and separated before the eating started, I’ll gladly eat that. I’m talking about a plate of spaghetti, or some enchiladas. Something that has already been forked into by the eating party.

My friend has a 4 year old kid. He likes to look at those big picture books where you are supposed to find a bunch of items on the page, but for some reason, those particular book’s pages have some type of shiny coating on them (probably because little kids will smear boogers, and food on them and they are easier to clean) but this kid insists on turning the pages, he won’t let me do it or he has a fit, but every time he turns the page, his fingers slip the paper and it makes this squeaking sound, and it’s just like nails on a chalkboard.

Listening to people hock up giant snot wads in their throat, or worse yet, watching someone (I’ve never seen a woman do it, yet) blow a snot rocket onto the ground or into a trash can in a public place.

People who pick their nose in public. People who scratch their butt cracks in public. People who scratch their junk in public. People who pop their zits in public.

Children who pick up cookies, or pieces of cheese at family parties, and lick them, and put them back onto the plate.

Seeing wadded up diapers or tampons laying on the floor of public restrooms.

Seeing lipstick on your water glass. Not your own lipstick. Lipstick that was not properly washed off the glass before it was brought to your table.

The idea of putting my purse into the “seat” section of a grocery cart before I get a chance to use wet wipes on it. I see people do it all the time, and I want to scream and say, “Do you not see the giant bacteria???”

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I was at a book sale today, which was held at a school. I saw a lady drop a piece of candy or a nut (not sure what it was ) on the floor. She stooped down and picked it up and ate it.

I might do that at home but never in a public place.

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@Kardamom I just flip the little seat up. You would have to wipe down the entire top of the cart to get anything off at all. Even then I am sure there is still plenty of giant bacteria.

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I do wipe the entire top of the cart, and both the top and bottom of the flip up seat. Shit travels downhill, and underneath.

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I’m with you on most of that stuff @Kardamom.

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