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What is something that you’ve done that you think no one else on Fluther has done?

Asked by raum (7727points) July 13th, 2019 from iPhone

As asked.

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Chain up a super B transport truck in a blinding snow storm?

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Met Prince Charles in person. ( on the street when he and Princess Diana walked through the crowds).By the way Prince Charles wore “heavy” makeup for the cameras and media..however close up he looked like ‘drag queen”..with heavy green eye shadow!
Met the Queen in person ( two feet from me). When she visited.( Was surprised how small she really is..petite with very small hands.

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Met my spouse while hitchhiking

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Built a tube guitar amplifier from scratch.

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Taught Arnold Swartzennegger a new word.

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@filmfann What word was it?

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It’s not a tuuma

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Met their SO in a mower shop.

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Not been married.

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Got baked in a 1987 GMC Jimmy in Guadalajara.

It was about ten in the morning and we went to this big flea market. My mom wanted to turn some USD into Pesos so she had us wait in the car while she found a bank or some other place to exchange currency. She told us not to leave the car or open the windows or doors under any circumstances. It was in August.

It should have just taken a few minutes. It did not.

She got lost. So my sister and I sat in the car all day with no water or food and it was amazingly hot outside. Eventually she found her way to the embassy and they were able to help her find the car. It was dark by then.

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Dipped water out of a nuclear reactor

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You gonna tell us the story @ARE_you_kidding_me?

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I was once trapped in a car, on a very hot day (my father went to a repair shop to get his mower fixed).
A girl (the repair man’s daughter) who noticed me being stuck in there offered me some water through a small gap in the rear window.
We got engaged ten summers after that day.
I have grown multiple ears from my back, no idea how that happened…

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What story? I build shit.

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Sorry. Wrong Jelly. I meant @FilmFan…what word did he teach Arnold.

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Well someone’s wrong & I even got that beat.
Not only have I met Prince Charles but I also kissed Princess Diana on the hand.
I was a young teen when they visited a toy factory in my town & well, she held out her hand to shake so I went that little bit further.
I remember her blushing & my mum telling me off…worth it though.

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Trekked around the Annapurna massif in Nepal.
Accidentally “provoked” a cobra to attack me.
Ascended Mount Whitney and Half Dome.
Seen Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison (the Doors) live in concert.

I might be the only one who served in the military during the Vietnam war, but there are a couple of septuagenarian US men here who might have also.

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^^^^ Oh no seriously?!!!!

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I sprained my ankle while playing basketball by myself. Come on, nobody here has done that.

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Are you asking about every entry on my list?
But yes, seriously.

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I admit that I never have.
I’m sitting here, looking like an unripe avocado with envy!

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As stated in my Fluther profile, I have touched two American presidents, been slapped by Madonna’s sister, and donated a kidney.

I saw two more presidents up close but they didn’t touch me.

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Won an a “Farrah Fawcet look alike contest.”

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Sat at a traffic light in Las Vegas and the car next to us was Redd Foxx’s pick Cadillac, with him in it.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@raum Back when he was a body builder, and long before Terminator, Arnold did a book tour. There was over 200 people trying to get his book signed. When he signed my book, he wrote my name, a short message, and his full name, and quite legibly. I was amazed. I tried to make a joke about it, and voiced concern that he might get a cramp from all the writing. He looked at me quizically, and said “Cramp? What is cramp?”. I explained it was like a muscle knot, and he smiled, raised his arms and flexed, and said “Oh, yes! I have many cramps today!”

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@filmfann Ha! Great story.

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Been in a uranium mine.

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Discussed politics with Margaret Thatcher with the use of American Sign Language—as a teen, then falling face first flat into the street off a double decker on the same day.

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All of these tidbits are so fascinating!

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Walked through a $200,000 motor home? That didn’t have an oven.

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Filled the gas tank on a one-of-a-kind Cadillac station wagon. (It was not a hearse!)

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Have you ever met someone who resembled another member of the Chucky’s Angels cast?

Did a guy who looked like Bosley or Charlie ever ask you for a date? ;-p

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@Brian1946 and @Dutchess_lll Have to admit I’m a little disappointed. Haha

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Im. K. Ran around barefooted in stickers all day because there was a riot. I couldn’t walk the next day.

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Did a keg stand on a moving boat.

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I once attended a funeral by mistake. I thought that it was a church bazaar.

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