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When you think of the Blues, do you think of Keith Richards or Mick Jagger?

Asked by LadyMarissa (10067points) July 18th, 2019

My husband loved the Blues & I fell in love with it from listening to it with him. After he died, I just continued to listen to it mainly because it reminded me of better days!!! There aren’t any Blues stations in my area so I downloaded some off Amazon & put them on a flash drive that I played in my car. When my car died, I purchased a previously owned Buick that didn’t have an mp3 player but it did come with SiriusFM. I purchased an external mp3 player but I didn’t like the way it worked. Then Sirius offered me a free trial offer & I tried it. I’m loving listening to it & I’m discovering some great music that I would have never heard without it. Two that surprised me were Keith Richards & Mick Jagger. They’re not playing together, but each has put out a Blues number on their own album & both did an excellent job!!! Although I’ve always thought of Eric Clapton as being Bluesy, I never even considered Keith nor Mick as having a Blues bone in their body. Did I miss something or are they shifting their interest into Blues???

Did you ever notice Keith or Mick as leaning toward the Blues…IF so, which songs did you find to be the Blues???

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Many English “Rock” musicians were inspired by the blues from America (see Led Zeppelin, The Who, Clapton, Jeff Beck, and on and on).

As such, members of the Stones trying out some love for the blues in their solo outings does not surprise me.

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No. I think of Rock and Roll when I think of those guys.
Also, for the record, I have always thought the Rolling Stones sucked.

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When I think of Blues, I think of Otto Waalkes.

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When I think of the blues, I think of B. B. King.

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I think of neither Keith or Mick, when I think of the blues.
I think of Tony Joe White, Solomon Burke, and a Dutch band, Cuby and the Blizzards.

Do you know the titles of said songs of the two guys?
Would like to try hear how they did it.

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I don’t think of Mick or Keith when I think of the blues (by the way, lower case b) because they are fans but not original blues musicians like Buddy Guy or even Keb Mo.

The Stones did a blues album a couple years ago (Blue and Lonesome(The_Rolling_Stones_album) , but the songs were all covers.

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Even in the ‘70s I never understood what was designated blues, jazz, or rhythm-and-blues. I gradually figured it has something to do with the beat, or specific instruments.

What people call a lot of genres of music—has for years sounded like everything else. Unless its somehow “old school” jazz or blues.

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They’re very old & quite the nostalgic types, so were bound to dabble in a genre that they were probably brought up on to some degree.

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No, I think of Lihtning Hopkins, Howlin’ Wolf and Mississippi John Hurt.

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Freddie King, sooo much soul.

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Wow, @ARE_you_kidding_me, thanks for that recommendation!

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Aerosmith did some blues numbers. Their Permanent Vacation album includes some blues, and blues infused selections.

Lots of musicians are influenced by various sounds over the years.

The blues inspire people to find their own sound. Sometimes that is the blues, and sometimes something quite different.

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I loved Ragdoll. Aerosmith could be pretty bluesy for a bunch.of white guys.
Jim Croce too.

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@kritiper I cut my Blues teeth on BB & Stevie Ray Vaughan. Love them both!!! Since my husband has passed, I’ve been expanding my Blues horizons whenever possible!!! For years I listened to the same 50 hours that I had saved. Since getting Sirius, I’ve been learning some new, old artists & some old, new artists!!! LoL

You just can’t go wrong with BB King!!! I have BB’s Christmas Love for the ringtone on my cell :] :] :]

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@rebbel Thank you!!! I like Solomon Burke & I’ll be checking out Tony Joe & your Dutch band as I’ve not heard of either of them before now.

Keith’s is Blues Jam. It’s on his Talk Is Cheap (2019 Remix) [Deluxe Version]. I found it on Amazon & IF you’re a Prime member, you can listen to it for free. IF you’re a Keith fan, you might like a lot of the other songs on the album as well!!!

Mick’s is You Did the Crime. It’s on Buddy Guy’s The Blues Is Alive & Well album. I also found that one at Amazon. I like Buddy Guy so this wasn’t that far of a stretch for me. :)

Gotta thank you again. I was listening to both of those songs while replying to your post…OH YEAH!!!

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@zenvelo You spell it anyway you like. I use a B because it’s the name of a genre for which I have tons of R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!! FYI, Mick was featured on one of the songs on one of Buddy Guy’s albums.

The Stones Blue & Lonesome was a horrible attempt in my book. I don’t have it in my collection.

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@janbb I like the way you think :)

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I have Freddie King on my playlist as well!!! :)

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I had a love/hate relationship with the Stones. I either loved or hated what they were performing with very little middle of the road emotions.

I love Croce but I’ve never thought of him as a Blues artist. Jim brings up a lot of great memories!!! You just gave me a good reason to revisit him on my playlist. :]

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@ragingloli I had never heard of Otto but gave him a quick look. He plays some mean Blues but the words gets lost in the translation…at least for me!!! LoL

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THANK YOU ONE & ALL for your thoughts & recommendations!!!

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The truth is that the 2 of them were grounded in the blues while the music industry here classified black derived music as “rhythm and blues”. You’re in for a good time. I have some suggestions. If you want to have some fun, grab a toddler, go to you tube and crank up Stevie Ray Vaughn’s rendition of Hank Ballard’s “Look at Little Sister.” There are several versions of this, but try to find the one that begins with a single discordant note then a second later “HEY HEY HEY MAMA, LOOK AT LITTLE SISTER OUT IN THE FRONT YARD….” Play the cut the second time and watch the reaction from the kid to the “hey, hey, hey” I’ve successfully indoctrinated my friend’s 3 year old granddaughter was who drives her parents crazy. I’ll get a video & try to pm it to you. It’ll crack you up. That little girl in her sunglasses blaring with all the soul she can muster “what about the neighbors, what they gonna say. Stop little sister gettin carried away. Hey hey hey hey, look at little sister….”
I think her parents won’t let her visit me since we moved to learning the routine to. Etta James’ “Stop the Wedding”. But her grandpa loves the show and has promised to smuggle my protege in for clandestine rehearsals.

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You have a wicked streak a mile wide & I admire you for it!!! Looking forward to the link!!! :)

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