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Do you know of anyone who was diagnosed with lung cancer and survived long term?

Asked by jca2 (9039points) July 18th, 2019

A family friend was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He is in his mid-50’s. He has a mass on his lung and they’re doing more tests to determine the stage, etc.

I know that most cancers have a higher rate of survival if they’re caught early. The treatment and the individual all factor in. Googling it, I see the 5 year survival rates are not good.

I’m just curious if anybody on here knows anyone who was diagnosed with lung cancer and survived long term.

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This was before doctors became experts in cancer…my Gramp’s sister lived almost 20 years after they discovered hers & even then she didn’t die from the cancer. A patient in her nursing home beat her with his cane & he hit her in the head & she never recovered. She was in her mid 50’s when she was diagnosed. She was in her early 70’s when he hit her.

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Sorry, but no. My father died of lung cancer, although the real result was something else…blood clot, possibly. This was 1992, three weeks after he was diagnosed. His sister died from lung cancer. It was only a few years after being diagnosed, and it was painful.

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A friends dad survived 20 years with only one lung, he was older when the surgery occurred.

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I have seen it go both ways personally. Mostly I see people live a while but I don’t know anyone who survived it long-term. I know someone who has it now and they seem to be doing well but it was caught very early.

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My Uncle survived it for more than 15 years and during that time he lost his sense of taste which he did not appreciate at all.

It was hard for him but he was alive and enjoyed life the best way he can. He passed away a few years ago and I really think it’s not the cancer that directly caused it. Years of treatment weakened his immune system and it didn’t help that he liked traveling overseas. Back on one of those trips he had a fever, virus….and was hospitalized. He didn’t make it back home. He was 70.

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My GF had part of her lung removed about 15 years ago. She had lung cancer, was not a smoker and it was discovered early. She is doing ok so far.

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Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer about 7 years ago. She had to have about half of one side of her lungs removed. She’s still alive and kickin’ at age 86. Still lives on her own, gets around just fine, does pretty much what she wants when she wants.

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This question really hit home, and hard. A friend of one of my oldest, and closest friends died last night of lung cancer. My friend was with her in the hospital when she passed. She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer less than two months ago. She was a heavy smoker, age 65.

Another friend’s mother, also a heavy, lifelong smoker, died at age 70. She lived less than a year after she was diagnosed.

A friend, and co-worker of mine, a non-smoker age 37, died of lung cancer about 5 months after her diagnosis. We were told by her husband, at her memorial, that she had a rare, but specific type of lung cancer that is mostly found in Asian, non-smoking females. My friend was from China. I had never heard about something like this before.

Sorry to have to tell you that I don’t know anyone who has survived, long term, with lung cancer : (

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The only person that I know who had Lung cancer was John Wayne. I think he smoked 100 cigarettes a day. I don’t know how long he fought it.

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Dad had lung cancer in 75, he passed away in 2001.

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