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What do you feel are desired presidential qualities?

Asked by Patty_Melt (13212points) 1 month ago

Without profiling a known president, what qualities do you feel are a must have for a US president?

These qualities may, but not must include level of schooling, political party, physical attributes, mental stability, and more.
Make a list you feel are necessary qualities to effectively perform the office of President of the US.

My stipulations:
Please use no name references.
Any responses using trump, as a name or a verb, or any context will be flagged.

I prefer you make your list before reading any other responses.

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Humor. Wisdom. Charming steady personality.

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By the way, anyone giving an answer to these two questions will receive a ga from me, unless they are flagged. I won’t play favorites with the answers I agree with most. If you answer honestly without baiting, rudeness, hijacking, etc., I will consider that a great answer.

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Integrity, loyalty to the people, authenticity, willingness to engage diplomatically with “enemies,” a reluctance to use force unless it’s to defend against an imminent threat to the country or to shield innocents from genocide (and in that case the least amount of force necessary to keep those people safe), respect for the constitution and the rights of the people—including their privacy, the courage to fight well-financed private interest, someone who will recognize climate change as an existential threat and give it the serious attention it requires both domestically and internationally, someone who will address the dangerous gap in wealth inequality that continues to widen, someone who will reverse the corporate mergers to reduce concentration of private sector power and rekindle competition—including in the media, someone who will fight for racial, religious, gender, etc. equality, someone who will fight to get money out of politics, and that won’t stop fighting until every American is guaranteed healthcare as a right.

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@gorilla And fix immigration.

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I just think the world & the electorate has moved on & so it’s time for a young, modern, vibrant president.

These elderly incumbents while clearly experienced, are prone to, well, let’s just call them mental lapses & often come across as tired & out of touch.

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(S)He should have a good understanding of finance and of human nature. They should have a vision of what the problems are that our nation is facing and have some solid, no-nonsense solutions should be. The solutions should not be “throw more money at it”. (S)He should be able to ask for help and suggestions, accept criticism, and challenge themselves and everyone around them to be the best possible servant of the people. Kind but tough.

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Intelligence and empathy.

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1. Humility
2. Respect for the truth
3. Compassion
4. Courage
5. Wisdom

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They should be a computer., or an alien overlord from outer space.
So, the complete opposite of the current one.

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They must have a long attention span so they can concentrate on an issue.
They must put the country’s interests first
They must be honest.
Since this is America, they must have a command of the English language at least at a college level.
They must have a clear understanding of science and basic scientific method.
They must not be swayed by extremists of any sort.
They must be intelligent – Mensa material.
They must have an impeccable understading of the US government and its operation.
They must be willing to say: “I made a mistake.”
They must not be a sex offender or abuser of any sort.
They must be willing to submit to random drug testing – like all federal employees.

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The same as a Boy Scout.

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Compassionate, empathic, wise, open, sincere, intelligent, humble, humanistic.

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One who isn’t an egomaniac and cruel to kids. A certified coward who’s just projecting toughness. Basically one that is not a soulless a-hole.

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Not an exclusive list…

Elected executive experience

A knowledge of and appreciation for the West in the context of history

A primary focus on American interests and well being

A sincere respect for the oath of office and the ability to recite on demand what each of the Articles does

English speaking

And while it is not essential, since the President is CIC, military service would be a plus

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Intelligence,integrity,diplomatic, able to work with the opposition, diplomatic with allies, and advisories ,and above all be for all the nations peoples not just those at the top.

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I find it funny…after reading many of these responses, we haven’t had a president that would meet the requirements we expect in a long, long time. Maybe ever.

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Sad, but I think you’re right^^^.
And it doesn’t matter what side they are on, they more or less cater to their special interest groups , and ignore everyone else.

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@seawulf575 Obama met my requirements.

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Obama met my requirements too. That we went from him to you know who overnight was a shock to my system I won’t get over in my lifetime.

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Obama met my requirements.

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I think many lists show that people tend to want a president who greatly exceeds their own potential qualities to the point of excluding most anyone who might want the job.

I wonder, how many of you do feel there is someone who could be everything you listed?

Again, let’s not name anyone, past, present, or potential. I don’t want this thread to turn into a who’s who battle. I just want to see if we can nail down some specifics and who can get behind them.
Perhaps there are some “other party” agreement to be found here, but that can’t happen if we involve names. Let’s stick to characteristics only.
It is going quite well so far. I like seeing the priorities we each have.

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