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How do I sell used books on eBay?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15048points) 1 month ago

Also how do I charge for postal delivery?

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Pretty much EBay would guide you on how and what steps to take. I sold quite a few collectible stuff there. I had a laptop and a cellphone with a camera. I think these days one needs a Paypal account? I just can’t recall accurately anymore since it’s been a while since I sold an item.

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Ebay will walk you through the process. Two things to watch out for:

1) Books are heavy and you need to calculate postage rates properly or you will lose money.

2) If you are shipping to the US, you may have customs issues or export controls.

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This might be a better option for you

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I don’t have a thorough answer for this but a quick tip: remember that media mail exists (for USPS anyway)! As long as the form of media you’re selling doesn’t contain advertising (i.e. magazines) you can utilize media mail as a shipping option and it is much cheaper.

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