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Is it possible in the future cellphones would be weaponized?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26675points) July 27th, 2019 from iPhone

In what ways can they be weaponized as defensive and offensive devices?

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Future cell/smart phones, as well as universal remotes, will be implanted inside a body at birth. This would make it impractical to have them be weapons.

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They already are. Not actual bombs or anything, but they definitely are used as weapons in the aspect of gathering information to be used.

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They can, now, physically.

You can remotely turn on the flashlight/torch on a person’s cellphone. Depending on where it is, is can overheat (these are LEDs, which can get pretty hot nearby). Next to a flammable substance, they can light a fire.

The Israelis, and others, used to pack plastic explosives in certain cell phones; a phone call to that phone with a certain trailing number would ignite the explosive.

It’s been done…

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Are they not now??
They seem to have the power to suck any common sense out of the average person,like walking into things while using them,thinking they can text and drive and so forth.

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They could also run apps to take control of cars with hackable computers in them.

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The are already performing counter terrorist through crowd sourcing. By looking at the sound pick up and phone location the source of gunshots and explosions can be identified. Some cities have installed expensive gunshot detectors to perform this work. Now cell phones can do it at low cost.
New sensors are being added to phones all the time: thermal imaging, magnetometers,radiation detectors, etc.They, too, will be crowdsourced.

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“Crowdsourcing” people’s electronic devices without their permission is technological tyranny.

The more such practices get publicly discussed, the closer to the point where people may start denying such access and interfering with it in various ways.

I hope.

To me, electronic surveillance everywhere is a major part of what makes Orwell’s 1984, and today, a dystopian nightmare.

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@Zaku Agreed. But it happens all the time already. Google crowdsources our location to give us traffic information. The data for that red or yellow line on their traffic maps comes from looking at all of our phones without our knowledge. Supposedly we all gave them permission to do so in the use agreement we had no choice to accept. Apple does this too .
Most people are unaware their phones are already equipped with an incredible array of sensors. You can bet others will be added.

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My new iPhone was stolen at a Walmart. It can be traced, but the police won’t pursue this matter.

I am a caregiver of several persons and try to make myself always available. My stolen iPhone S7 is probably being used for sexting

I would love to be able to remotely make the lithium battery start a fairly large fire when its sitting somewhere away from being noticed, or when on the thief’s person.

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@Yellowdog You have just accurately described the self destruct mechanism in some battery powered devices (like torpedoes).
They words used are tamper resistance but the effect is the same. The battery is shorted; the high current heats up a ground bridge until… poof!

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“My stolen iPhone S7 is probably being used for sexting”
– LOL what? Or do i not want to know?

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I’m curious how he is convinced that his phone is being used for sexting. Seems like an unsubstantiated leap.

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Aw, shit, mane. Cum OWN! Hod do YOU theenk I know its probably used for sexting?

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