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Why is the 2nd bracket not in red in the following post?

Asked by flo (12904points) August 3rd, 2019

Why is the 2nd bracket not in red?
How to solve the problem?

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The problem is not for you to solve.

It’s a Wikipedia problem – whoever edited the page on Wikipedia messed up the punctuation. You can’t fix it unless you become a Wikipedia author (which you can do if you want).

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It was not highlighted nor underlined. but the link is still clickable, so no problem.

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I’ll leave it for you 3 to discuss.

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Why would it be in red?

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Because it is in the hole. Black brackets are in the positive.

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@Yellowdog Re. ”...but the link is still clickable”, it’s clickable but it doesn’t lead to the site that it’s supposed to.

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:The link works just fine for me. Creating a Fluther link has the following peculiar result. Wikipedia article on insulin(medication)

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It still gives you “Did you mean: Insulin (medication)?” so it’s not a dead end.

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