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Why can't most people simply answer a political question, without saying well your guy did this or that type thing?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18899points) August 3rd, 2019

Does adding that give their guy a get off the hook free card?
It doesn’t matter if it’s a liberal question or republican, they simply can not just answer without pointing out something the other side did?
Why do people do that?

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1) there is no such thing as a simple political question. All of politics – no matter what – is about contrasting your side versus the other.

2) this is an election (or pre-election) year, and tis the season for scoring political points.

3) one way of defining yourself politically is telling voters what you are not.

I think you’re jealous because canadian elections are so boring.

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Because that’s how “sports team” politics works. The goal is the accumulation of points. Points are awarded for “owning” the other side and deducted if your side is caught in hypocrisy. So the goal becomes to prove hypocrisy occurred, not to actually debate the issues at hand. “Whataboutism” is an easy to way to score these points while pushing the actual issue to the back burner (a form of deflection, hoping your opponent won’t notice that you’re ignoring the issue).

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Because pointing out each party’s hypocrisy is entertaining and impossible to factually defend.

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“Why are you such a nazi” also is a simple question.

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You’re asking this like we all have not seen you do it many times before.

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The very definition of politics involves making decisions that involve other people. Everyone has an opinion.

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I guess the flip of the question could also apply: If you weren’t upset about your guy doing something, why are you making a big deal out of the other guy doing it?

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