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Why I am facing Ink Cartridge Cannot Be Recognized Error?

Asked by Printererror (7points) August 9th, 2019

Whenever I am trying to do printing on my printer. It’s showing Ink Cartridge Cannot Be Recognized Error.

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Take the cartridge out and reinsert it.

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It’s probably a generic cartridge. Some printers look for a digital code from a chip in the ink refill and if it’s not “genuine” meaning made by approved vendors then it won’t let you use it. HP printers do this for sure. Sometimes you can fake the printer out using a chip from an old refill.

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HP and Epson are notorious for this sort of protectionist behavior.

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If it WAS working with this particular cartridge, try rebooting both the printer and the computer.

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Did you try resetting the printer?

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