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Do you think it works, Russia pushing certain videos on social media to create racial tensions in the US?

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Of course it works

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Yes. Russia’s (and others’) attempts to foment discord in the U.S. sometimes do gain real traction. It doesn’t take much effort to spread a story, even if it’s a real one, and use it to pit people against each other. America seems especially vulnerable right now, in more ways than one, and I can only see this kind of thing happening more and more.

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It probably works. The better question is WHY does it work. These videos/social media aren’t creating racism. They are being offered as fodder for those in this society that want to push racism.

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It absolutely works! They still have the list of dupes they know will forward things blindly and they will use it every chance they get.

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I actually think many Reps are so disbelieving at this point, many research anything questionable. As the little fluther experiment yesterday with the El Paso picture.

Sure, it works on the sound byte voters.

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Not just videos but memes, too.

I see memes all the time about racial stuff, and when I google it, the information in the meme is incorrect. When I look at the source on FB, it will be some account that’s not actually a real person.

Here’s an example: there was a meme about a 17 year old boy who got jail time for stealing a pair of sneakers. First offense. My FB friend who shared it and some of her commenters wrote things about how terrible it was, a young boy, stealing sneakers, first offense, not getting any break from the court. Then when I googled the boy’s name and the location, I found out that he committed armed robbery to get the sneakers. A very critical fact that was omitted from the meme. Everyone riled up over what is perceived as an injustice and a huge detail left out…...

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