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How do tourists in your area meet their death?

Asked by raum (7724points) August 9th, 2019 from iPhone

In California, a lot of tourists get swept out by riptides and sneaker waves.

In Hawaii, when lava meets the ocean water it creates laze. A haze of hydrochloride acid with fine particles of glass. Tourists have died after being splashed while posing for a photo near the ocean.

In Alaska, we didn’t see many sandy beaches like in California or Hawaii. Instead there were endless stretches of mudflats. They look innocent enough. Except it acts almost like quicksand. But that’s not what kills you. The tide there doesn’t come in slowly. It comes in quickly and in some places the difference between low tide and high tide can be 40 feet high. They drown.

Generally, nature is beautiful but scary in Alaska. Their rate of accidental death is twice the national average.

So…in the area that you live in, what usually kills the clueless tourists? Are the locals aware of these dangers?

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^^Shocking to read. I take it casualties remain despite adequate warnings? This area gets lots of tourists yearly but haven’t paid enough attention to news on tourist death stats. Last year a child died when a tourist bus which was backing up hit the poor kid.

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Drunk drivers. A 71 yr old Chicago man was killed the other night when some teens were driving at a high rate of speed and rear ended the man and his wife. She survived with injuries. This is a stretch of road I travel at least twice daily. The speed limit is 35 mph. In the afternoon and evening you can often find jerks racing 80 mph and beyond. The accused were spotted traveling at 80–100 mph while the victim was driving the speed limit.

We also had two deaths at the recent Ironman competition.

Basically a bunch of testosterone overload is killing the tourists.

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M. Cows I suppose.

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Traffic accidents. We drive on the left.

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People around here die in skiing accidents or they fall from great heights trying to get that perfect selfie. (I actually haven’t heard of too much of the latter, but I know it happens. Generally they climb over guard-rails or stray off the trails).

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I tried finding statistics on this, but came up with a big goose egg. Traffic accidents are probably the biggest killers, though I am in coastal North Carolina so drownings probably claim a few.

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Falling off cliffs while hiking. Many have fallen to their deaths visting the Grand Canyon.

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Water, even an Olympic class swimmer died in the deep lakes of SWMo. Some drunk floaters on our spring fed rivers cant handle the speed or want to float flood waters. Drunk boaters.
Lots of deaths on I-44 with traffic, semi’s.

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Rip currents. 10 Fatalities in 2018: 7 Rip Currents, 1 High Surf and 2 Other Currents.

40 people were rescued from rip currents at Wrightsville Beach between 9 a.m., when lifeguards started working, and late afternoon in a single day.

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They parachute or bungee jump off the Prine Bridge.

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We had 2 Japanese coworkers killed their first day in the US. They rented a car and instinctively drove on the wrong side of the road causing a head on collision.

(Japanese drive on the left side of the road; Americans on the right side.)

Even though it was totally their fault, the impression from the Japanese staff was that the US was unsafe and should not be visited.

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Rip tides and traffic accidents.

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Wish I could answer…“vampires.” : )

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Many get lost hiking and die of exposure, others in avalanches .

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