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How do you access Fluther?

Asked by anniereborn (14932points) August 11th, 2019

With technology moving along quickly, things change rapidly.
I still use a PC/Laptop to use the internet.

What about you? Tablet? Phone? Something else?

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98% mobile version
2% desktop version

Both through my iPhone.

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I use the desktop version on my phone, 90 percent of the time.
The remaining 10 percent on my laptop.

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What is the “desktop version” ?

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That’s the version you’ll use if you use the PC or laptop.
On mobile (phone) you can choose whether you want to use that same desktop version (scaled) or a the mobile version (suited for phone screens).

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Mostly on my phone. The first few years it was on my laptop. That’s when I had much fewer typos. I switched to my phone at one point because I had purchased a new laptop and I didn’t want to do anything on social media on the laptop hoping to avoid viruses. I have no idea if fluther had let in a virus, but I wanted to eliminate worrying or being blamed for it. Facebook was the more likely culprit I would think.

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I stimulate my victim’s the nerve endings with the prehensile tendrils that have invaded and coiled around his spine.

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I’m still old school…100% laptop!!! With the results of my stroke, I don’t have much use for typing on a cell. I seldom send texts unless it’s going to be short & sweet.Plus I use my spellcheck on my laptop to assist with my typos. My eyesight isn’t as great as it used ti be & I can zoom the pages on the laptop better as well!!!

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At work on a computer desktop. At home, I sue the desktop version via an iPad.

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@zenvelo What did it do to you?
Are you hurt?

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Phone and desktop. If I need to research, desktop is much easier.

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I use my laptop 98% of the time. I have tried to use my phone but I am too slow a texter to make the effort worthwhile.

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@rebbel I sue because the auto correct always gets things wrong….

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Great recovery :-)

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I access the mobile version from my desktop, because I don’t have a smart phone; I have a very narrow field of vision, and I can’t turn my head. ;-)

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90% desk top. 9% phone. I also have a laptop which I use as a desktop, when I use it. I’ve had a pad in the past that I’ve accessed Fluther with.

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Can this be a group clam @zenvelo, so we all get some $$$?

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At work, I use my desktop PC. I do most of my Fluther posts from work. At home, I use an Android tablet. I have no idea what the percentage of use from each device is.

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50%/50% smart phone and desktop.

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Probably 40% on the work desk top, 40% on the home netbook, and 20% (or less) on the phone.

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@rebbel Re the answer “That’s the version you’ll use if you use the PC or laptop.” I think you meant “That’s the version you’ll switch to if you use a smartphone or tablet” In other words, when you use a smarthphone or tablet Fluther will show up with the mobile version. So if you prefer the way it appears and works on desktop, you just scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find the tabs “Mobile” “Desktop” and you click “Desktop”.

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Two aluminium cans, and real long piece of string.

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@flo That’s actually not what I meant, but nonetheless your description is also a good one.

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@flo, do you know what “Re” is short for?

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It is an alternative spelling of “Ra”, the Egyptian Sun God, and the first Goa’uld System Lord to be killed by Jack O’Neill.

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I see a couple of commas are missing in my post. I have to stop rushing.

@rebbel Ok.

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I use a “smart phone.”

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100% from my Desktop Computer

I don’t really internet from my phone. Sometimes I will check the news from my phone but that is rare. I don’t even sign into any websites from my phone. The only apps I have signed into on the phone are iMessages, Plex, and Lyft. Other than that no passwords entered into the phone. I don’t even use my phone for email. Freedom from notifications.

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