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What part of your world makes you feel excited?

Asked by longgone (16642points) August 22nd, 2019

Every time I see a bird of prey, I am thrilled. I don’t know much about them, but those birds can hold my interest like few other things.

Of course, I also can’t look away when I see a puppy, especially larger breeds.

What about you?

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I get excited when I’m on the hunt.

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Dogs make me excited, I wish I could have hundreds of them and observe them constantly.

What really sends a surge of energy/excitement through me is the world of Medicine and generally all matters related to health, anatomy and treatment. Now all that really has me transfixed and miserable because as I get older I realize that I have missed my calling. I should have followed a career in the medical field.

The last thing that holds my interest is not ” part of your world ” as you say in your question, it is rather “other worldly” stuff. I won’t go into that but I think you get what I mean.

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Everytime I get to probe Uranus.

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The feeling of Freedom especially in Nature in the mountains and the fresh air,the gorgeous scenes,plants, and animal life.
That is why I go hiking and take lots of photographs as soon this world will be over crowed and fill in these open spaces.
Enjoy it while it is still here.

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1. My dog
2. Puppies
3. Vampires

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My bank vault

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@chyna interesting indeed.

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Watching jet planes land.
Walking in the rain naked.
Newborns or infants.
Any animal baby.

Not necessarily in that order

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@chyna I just saw a post that said the vampires are returning to Fluther; so, you might get your #3 fulfilled!!!

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Yes, hiking and mountain biking excites me, especially when I’m exploring new trails. I can’t wait to see where they go. I took a new route this summer at Lake Tahoe and I discovered a waterfall I’d never seen before.

I’m also excited by the prospect of new books to read and new music to listen to. :)

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Live music and musical theater.

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My grandkids.

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Being on the boardwalk in “my home town.” Miss it so much!

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Sitting at one of the nearby lake beaches with my toes in the sand. Or walking on the lakes when they are frozen.

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For me, there’s a fine line between things I enjoy and things that make me excited.

I enjoy/get excited by the prospect of going to a movie that I think I will like. I enjoy/get excited by planning and going on vacation or any travel. I enjoy/get excited by nature. I enjoy/get excited by visiting with friends. I enjoy/get excited by holidays. I enjoy/get excited by the prospect of learning a new craft. I enjoy/get excited sometimes when I am shopping.

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I get excited by accomplishments, arguing, driving really fast in nice cars, making money, and just for @Mastema, toying with humans.

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Finding out all the different things about people I never suspected. Their experience, careers, their knowledge on various topics.

Feeling comfortable.

Large blue bodies of water. Lakes, oceans, even swimming pools.

Seeing my loved ones happy. Especially my husband, sister, and parents.

Being in a nice hotel and not worrying about every day life.

Feeling safe and secure.

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@KNOWITALL Toying. Like a marionette? You should see my puppets.

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@Mastema2 ha, I bet! Put the vamp voodoo on them did ya?

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Teaching and mentoring college students.

Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Watching my children be excited about learning and going to school.

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@KNOWITALL I can be persuasive. In the right setting, one will perform very desirable tasks.

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Thanks for answering, everyone. I like how diverse the responses were.

Today I watched a huge buzzard (I think) who was very concerned I might steal his dead rabbit.

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