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Is Donald Trump actually God? Is God actually Donald Trump? Do his messianic claims hold true?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26266points) 3 weeks ago

Interesting pronouncements yesterday. here for one

and another

Trump was quoting a right wing conspiracy theorist who called him “The King of Israel” and the “second coming of God”.

Does Trump fit the bill?.

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What is god spelled backwards.

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He is The Chosen One, The King of The Jews; after 5,000 years, The Messiah has arrived to deliver his people.

said so himself!

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Things are spinning beyond mere ineptitude and tasteless utterances. Someone has to confiscate and destroy the fool’s phone before he announces his public deification. Seriously, the time has arrived wherein the man’s cognitive irregularities pose a sizable threat to the viability of our government.

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Some see him for the charlatan he is.

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He’s the patron saint of spoiled-kids-turned-bully.

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For the uninitiated:

Lots of presidents have made promises to do certain things, and failed to follow through.
Trump is the one who actually acted on them and got them done.

That was the self-evident context of what he said.

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If he’s anything, he’s the antichrist.

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@yellowdog What has he actually “gotten done?”

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Yes please explain this illusion you have of the fool’s superpowers of accomplishment.

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@Yellowdog, how does your statement relate to this question at all?

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I heard somewhere in the past few years that Trump is the Reincarnation of /or like Caligula (41AD Emperor) as there are some similarities
Read the third paragraph about this aspect.

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Going by the almost constant, pathetic arguing on here over both, then hey…maybe they are.

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Well, earlier on in his presidency people were referring to him as “God-Emperor”. I guess this is just confirmation of that.

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Him being the embodiment of all seven deadly sins, I see no reason to doubt that.

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Wait a minute loli. Are you saying Trump is God because the 2 share identical traits, those traits being the 7 deadly sins?

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Well, the second part of my sentence was supposed to by sarcastic.

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At the very least he’s a false prophet. At the worst he’s the anti-christ. If he were God, I would refuse to go to heaven with him in control. And for the record the only things he has gotten done are stuff that is self serving for him and his rich buddies. Nothing actually that has or will improve our democracy.

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Still waiting on @Yellowdog‘s answer as to what trump has actually accomplished….except alienating virtually every ally we have except North Korea and Russia (who think he’s a fool.)

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@Dutchess_III Sorry, had a really busy day.

The statement was made while addressing the media mob before Air Force One, where Trump usually engages with the press.

There was a lot of hype being exclaimed by the usual adversaries. I do not remember the issue that was being discussed, but the press spokesperson kept giving their morally superior admonishment.

Trump said it was his call to make, that previous administrations had proposed it and not fallen through. That he was the one who made the decision and did it. Finally, he said to the press spokesperson that HE was the one whose decision it was, and HE was the chosen one. He first meant this in the context of that the people elected him to do the job, whatever the issue was – and carried it over to say that he was the “chosen one.” The one sent to do the job.

He may have put it this way because some of us enjoy the mass hysteria he can get out of the press and the left. But context matters, and you cannot frame it in a different context and still be truthful.

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What are you talking about? That didn’t answer the question at all, which was “What has he actually gotten done?”
Here is your comment in case you forgot “Lots of presidents have made promises to do certain things, and failed to follow through. Trump is the one who actually acted on them and got them done.”

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@Yellowdog When you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bulshit!!! I got to give you credit, you can come up with more bullshit than I ever imagined was in this world!!!

I don’t see trump anywhere near God!!!

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I realize that the question is in General. So all the more, it baffles me as to why so many of you are posting alternate questions, and then demanding that I answer them.

I am addressing the original question, which does not quote or utilize the subject correctly. In order to answer the question correctly, the OP and others in the discussion should use what their subject actually said.

If you ask about how do I feel about Trump’s messianic claims, and the entire discussion is off the rail, it is my role to state what Trump actually said.

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You “derailed” it when you said ” “Lots of presidents have made promises to do certain things, and failed to follow through. Trump is the one who actually acted on them and got them done.”
We simply asked you to clarify, but now you want to whine that clarifying comments shouldn’t be allowed in General.

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What he said is included in my link. You did not address that.

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@Dutchess_III That is the context in which he was saying that he was the “chosen one.”

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@canidmajor There was not a lot of information in that article. But for someone to say that “Israel loves trump like the second coming of God” is not the same thing as Trump saying he is a Messianic figure.

The article also says that Jews don’t have a “second coming” but although a small fraction of Jews do believe in a Messiah, most attribute this to a coming Messianic age. I don’t know how many Jews support Trump but anyone who supports Israel will support Trump at least on this issue, as Trump was the one to recognize Jerusalem as its capitol and move the embassy there. Others have promised this, but not fallen through on this promise. And some, like Obama. have condemned and worked against Israel.

The Democrats used to support and defend Israel. Today, I am shocked at some of the things coming from the Democrats condemning Israel and supporting Sharia governments who kill homosexuals, have made LGBT-Q activities illegal, and oppress women. But they do these things to work against Israel, American interests in the region, and Donald Trump.

Israel probably DOES see Trump as a Messianic figure for his work in the Middle East, pro-Israel, anti-ISIS, and anti-Iraq.

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Trump himself retweeted that. So yes, he said it himself by retweeting it.
Never mind, you are too busy obfuscating any opinion differing from yours with, admittedly, some outstandingly crafted doubletalk.

Oh, never mind.

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