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What are the differences in taste for different quality of eggs?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15048points) 3 weeks ago

From AA, A, and B eggs?

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Looks like the grades are more about physical appearance and attributes than on taste.


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You can buy grade “A“s at the store and by the time you get them home they can be “C“s, if the weather is warm. They all taste the same to me.

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I have never been able to discern any difference between the various kinds of eggs.

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Store bought eggs are old. You should always get local free range. If you like eggs as much as I do, there is no comparison to the taste.

Plus many chicken factories are disgusting.

I can tell by looking at the yolk color, fresh is almost a dark orange, factory are pale yellow. Yuck.

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I can’t tell much difference in taste but I can see obvious color differences in the yokes from farm raised hens and factory ones. I believe the color is mainly beta carotene. To me that signals other nutrients are probably in the farm raised eggs in greater amounts.

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No difference. It’s all marketing pretty much.

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I have chickens, so we eat a ton of eggs. When we are out or away and have to buy eggs, I swear they taste different (although I admit that it could be all in my head). My free-range hens are happy and fed really well. The eggs reflect that taste.

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Thanks for asking this. I’m 60+ and I don;‘t think I ever bothered to look at the grading before!
I just checked the eggs in my refrigerator and see they are AA. I’ll have to see if the grocery store sells anything other than AA. They might be cheaper – although eggs are ridiculously cheap already.

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I agree entirely with @KNOWITALL.

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What is the difference in grades of eggs?
According to the USDA guidelines, a Grade AA egg has “whites that are thick and firm; yolks that are high, round, and practically free from defects; and clean, unbroken shells.” Grade A eggs are basically the same except with whites that are only “reasonably” firm. ... They’re just eggs at the end of the day.Feb 6, 2018

From the link:

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@hmmmmmm that “all in your head” things is strong in this world when it comes to food. During the season I grow tomatoes but they don’t taste nearly as good as the tomatoes from the store. I guess it’s the soil or something. Mine just taste acidic.
I mentioned this on FB and a couple of people just about came unglued.
“OMG!! Home grown tomatoes are SO MUCH BETTER than store bought!!!”
“Not mine.”
“Oh, yes they are!!!!”
“No. Mine suck compared to store bought.”
They refused to accept my word about the tomatoes I grew and ate!

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I think B and C grade eggs have the possibility of having been fertilized and there might be a spot of blood on the yolk.

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Grade B are lower quality whites (less firm whites) and yolks that are wider and flatter. It has nothing to do with possible fertilization. I have had Grade AA organic eggs with a fertilization spot.

Grade B don’t cook as well when trying to poach or fry.

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I must have heard wrong. Thanks Zen.

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@RedDeerGuy1 maybe more accurate (from experts) answers on General section, with tags like nutritionist, health.

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I never dectected difference in taste. I haven’t tried all the various kinds though.

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@flo Is ok. I got what I was looking for in the first link.

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No, they do not sell fertilized eggs for human consumption.

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So what is the blood spot in some eggs?

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Thank you @hmmmmmm. It is simply astonishing how we just accept the myths that we hear as a child without question. I heard that one at Girl Scout camp.
If an egg HAD been very recently fertilized, would we even know it?

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Well, learn something new everyday about eggs!

You can get fertilized duck eggs in Philipno groceries. They call them “balut.”:

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Well, what are they like?

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Did you know that all eggs purchased in stores are coated with waterglass to seal the shell and give them a longer shelf life?
(waterglass: sodium silicate but sometimes potassium silicate)

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That’s a good idea.

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