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Do you have any personal stories about people cutting in line in front of you, or things you've seen in stores or businesses that involve people cutting in line?

Asked by jca2 (5284points) 1 week ago

Do you have any stories about people cutting in line, either involving you or situations you’ve seen involving others? People yelling at each other or being snarky, whether or not they were correct with their version of who’s right, who’s wrong?

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Not in a store, but on the highway. I was going speed limit, and there was this guy who just had to pass me even though the highway was pretty full and he was just going to end up being behind the guy who was 100 feet in front of me.

Anyway, he passes me and then the traffic slowed just a bit- he hits the rear of the car in front of me at around 50mph. Idiot. I was able to swerve around and missed both of them.

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Happened two days ago, I’m getting in line at grocery store, guy jumps in front of the person I’m behind. Ten seconds later the manager opens up a register four lanes over, she motioned to me to come over and I did. I was done before the line jumper.

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My mom was driving in a parking lot, trying to find an open space. She saw someone walk to their car, and she positioned her car to take the spot as they left.
The car backed out, and my Mom waited for them to drive off, when another car, coming from the other direction, darted into the spot.
My Mom, who never backed down, immediately got out of her car and began telling off the other driver, in harsh words and screaming levels. Then she recognized the driver as my sister’s father-in-law.

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Here’s a clip of comedian Gary Gulman’s experience with a line cutter at Trader Joe’s in NY. Gary Gulman

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I always cut the line when I board the Amtrak. But, I pay for the privilege to do so.

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Once I saw this big dude in a store talking to someone, and he was blocking the aisle with his huge girth, oblivious to others. Later I saw him at the checkout stand walk past others who were waiting for a cashier, as if there were no other people around.
I saw him as a bit of a bully. He may not have been an aggressive person, but people got out of his way because he was so massive and he clearly took advantage of that.

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I used to take care of a disabled woman named Joy White, who rang bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas at a certain grocery store.

She had a slightly larger head due to chairi II malformation and spinal bifida. Some people assumed she was mentally challenged.

When it came time for lunch, I had to get food for her because all the well-dressed businessmen always broke in line at the deli, and the deli workers ignored her. Some of the grown men called her ugly names like retard and bonehead.

I showed up one day and called a few line breakers and deli workers out on it. I was not very nice, and very loud about what I was seeing. I ended up bringing her lunch during my own lunch break because she could not get service.

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A few days ago in the airport a woman in a shell chair who was being pushed by someone, I’m not sure if he was tickets also, or if he was an airport employee, cut in front of me. There are two lines that feed into one TSA agent. I had been waiting, I was next, and they waiting for a couple of seconds and then when the person with agent moved on the wheelchair couple went in front of me. I said nothing, but I know the agent knew I had been the one waiting longer, because he looked over at me.

In that situation, if the person pushing them was ticketed, I don’t think the disabled person gets to go in front of everyone, because they are sitting in their wheelchair and will be sitting in their wheelchair at the gate too. If it’s an airport employee, I guess they have to move on to the next person so I can understand. I would think it would be better to take them through the faster TSA line.

I was early at the airport, so I just let it slide, I would have if they were disabled or not. I will say something depending on the situation though.

Several months ago I cut in line without realizing it. I never mean to cut in line. If I needed to I would ask. It was a line at Walgreens. I thought there was two lines, one for picking up a prescription and one to ask for other help. There was a line of about 5 people, and I waked up standing on what was a separate line (I thought) and the cashier looked right at me so I walked up. There were two people working the cash registers. After he helped me a woman in the other line said to me in a very angry tone, “you know, we are waiting here.” I asked her in a questioning tone, “did I cut in front? I wish you had said something when I first walked up, I thought that was a separate line.” I pointed the area.

She continued with a long story, to the point of unreasonable, about why she was at the pharmacy, that I’m horrible, blah blah. I told her again, “I wish you had said something when I could have fixed it, but you waited until now. I had no idea, but now I know for next time I come here, I’m glad you said something. She was still pissed. I told her, “you upset yourself unnecessarily by not speaking up when it could have been changed.”

I felt badly I had cut the line, but I do give some culpability to the cashier. If there is no line where I was then why was the cashier ok with it. it still baffles me.

I let people ahead of me all of the time if I’m not in a rush. Especially, very elderly people, pregnant women, parents with very young children, it just depends when and where. I give up my seat, offer to help, etc.

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My late father in law when a senior would drive really slow on the off ramp of the local highway just enough to get everyone behind him angry enough to pass him in a wild angry manner.

At the end of the ramp was waiting a Police cruiser catching all the speeders!
I think that my late father in law hated youth as he would do this in front of high schools just as the students were getting out of the school parking lots…lol.
I block away again a Police cruiser was waiting..they all got ticketed.

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I wasn’t in line at the store. I was waiting for a handicapped space to open up. The person parked there was loading their vehicle & I was waiting for them to exit the space. I was stopped in the driving lane & had pulled to the right so as to not block traffic. There was a knock on my window & I rolled down my window. There was a very polite lady explaining to me that she had her sick mother in her van who was confined to a wheelchair. She asked if I’d allow her to take the space so she could get her mother in & out faster. I told her that it was no problem & I proceeded to find another space. As I was going around to the next aisle, I saw another handicap spot open up so I go back around & get that space. As I’m getting out of my car, I see the woman who had asked for the closer spot jump out of her van & she runs inside the store without her mother. I looked in the van as I walked by & there was NOBODY in the van & she had NO handicap plate either. When I got in the store, she was running down the aisles without a buggy not picking up anything. I knew the employee who was at the front door & told him what had happened. He said she had been doing that a lot & he called security & they went out to check out what was happening. When she returned to her van, security was giving her a ticket for parking without the proper plates on her van. She was screaming at the officer. The signs indicated that there was a $500 fine for parking without valid plates. My car was just 2 spaces past her van. I got in my car & waved & smiled as I drove past her.

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We were waiting in traffic due to a closed lane. people kept going in the next lane so they could cut into the front of the line. A pickup truck pulled out just in front of us and stopped. He blocked the cheaters, and we kept his space open as we inched forward. He was able to drop back in when it was his turn.

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