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If I were to book a castle for a Fluther ball, would you come?

Asked by UnholyThirst88 (358points) 1 week ago

Who would be your date?

And would you be willing to stay the night…?

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Aha – my date would be a former Jelly who has died.

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Yes, but only during the day.

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Need you ask?

I know of someone that I would take to the ball and then to take at night.

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Please invite Honeybun and all her fuck buddies. This I gotta see!

RedDeerGuy1's avatar

Yes if I had a passport.

chyna's avatar

Only if it was on Oct. 31.

Mimishu1995's avatar

Will I get bitten and have my name changed?

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My date?? Taylor Swift.

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OK, I’ll be serious. Kathy Ireland.

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I’d definitely attend with one of my favorite Brads: Pitt or Cooper.

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@Hawaii Haha, yes!

And you know I’m coming to the ball, UT. If Mastema doesnt bring me, I’ll come with my buddy seawulf, or yellowdog. Or Patty Melt and I can carpool.

Sure, I’ll stay, no drinking and driving for me.

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@KNOWITALL No need to worry about transportation. You’re with me. I don’t drink and drive either.

Drink and lay.

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@Mastema2 (swallows hard) Okay, sounds good.

(slinks away in fright)

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@KNOWITALL Slinks away in fright? Who are you trying to fool?

Besides, I know where you’re going, remember? I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright.

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@Mastema2 Vamps have a reputation you know.
You say a bite, maybe it would be a draining, how do I know? lol

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@KNOWITALL When you find yourself in my arms, you’ll know very quickly. I won’t drain your blood, only your energy.

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@Mastema2 Does that mean you are a psychic Vamp? I’m trying to learn. :)

“There are three types of real vampires: sanguinarian, psychic, and hybrids.”

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@KNOWITALL Not a mental energy drain. A physical one.

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@Mastema2 (fans self) Oh…..

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I would love to, but I would have no way there.
A castle party would be excellent.
I hope there would be Dew, or maybe I’d bring some, but I don’t drink and drive, or anything else. The only time I drink at all is when there is dancing.

If I went, I think I would like RDG to be my date.

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@Patty_Melt Sure. I would go with you.

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Get a room @KNOWITALL

…..I’ll be waiting.

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@UnholyThirst88 My new book, Flanked by Fangs…haha!

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