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Is it safe to feed bread to domestic ducks?

Asked by luigirovatti (1515points) September 23rd, 2019

Sorry for the banal question. I was thinking, that, if you feed to ducks bread (in this case non-domestic), they become fat and can’t fly for their migrations.

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I’m no expert, but I do know if they deviate far from their normal diet (if they eat too much too long), they are sure to have nutritional deficiencies, which would harm them far more than merely “being fat”.

In addition, if they get used to the easy living of people food, they’ll become dependent on it, much like bears that learn to raid trash cans and campsites. That’s not good either.

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Bread has little nutritional value to ducks, so it is bad to feed them bread.

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It’s not good for them and spoils them from finding their own food when they need to.

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Cracked seed, including corn and wheat. Don’t feed them bread, it also pollutes the water area they are in.

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If you left a loaf of bread out for migrating ducks or geese, my bet is they could devour it with no noticeable effect, other than a huge influx of refined flour that they would process before the next layover. Like marathon runners, you get the furnace hot enough and it’ll burn anything.

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