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Is this 1940s conservative Republican candidate too liberal for today's Democratic party?

Asked by gorillapaws (25109points) October 3rd, 2019

I found this video facinating. You see conservative Republican Wendell Willkie making a case for his platform in the 1940 presidential election. Is he too liberal for today’s Democratic party? what does it say about how far the parties have drifted to the extreme right?

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Save that video for the next time a conservative jelly tries to tell us the Democrats are the racist people and Republicans freed the slaves and abolished segregation. Most Democrats know the parties have changed drastically over time.

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1) yes, a Republican saying those words today would be tarred and feathered. A democrat saying those words today would be vilified by the Repugnicans.

2) but you need to put this into historical context. Willkie said this stuff not long after the great depression, brought about, in no small part, by monopolies and trusts. Roosevelt had spent the last 7 years fixing the problems of the depression, and Willkie was running against him.

Willkie was trying to out-populist Franklin Roosevelt by being even more populist – so he had to be way out there to make his point.

One final observation – when this speech was give, Europe was at war, but the US hadn’t yet become involved. The US was being isolationist in 1940. Everything, including domestic politics, changed after Pearl harbor.

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Nope. Today’s Dems would say he was right of center…possibly far right. Remember, you have avowed socialists calling shots today and they are setting the standard for what today’s Democratic party really is. Wilkie was a liberal, yes, but note the point where he says that FDR’s government has been trying to kickstart the economy by spending as much money as possible and he wants to do it by spending as little as possible. That is not what today’s Dems are saying. They are saying spend, spend, spend and if we don’t have the money, we will just print more.

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@seawulf575 ” have avowed socialists calling shots today and they are setting the standard for what today‚Äôs Democratic party really is.”

Who do you think are calling the shots for the Democratic party? All I see are pro-corporate, neoliberals in the leadership. They have consistently conspired to undermine and prevent any shift in the party to the left (after all that’s the main job the donors a paying them to do).

Furthermore, I’m not aware of any Democrats who are “Socalists.” I know there are several who are “Democratic Socialists,” but that’s a very different thing, and I’m sure you’re smart enough to realize the difference between Norway and Maoist China.

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Wilkie was a former Dem who had switched parties doing what politicians do…lie to get what they want!!!

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