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Do you think the most cruel people are happy people?

Asked by luigirovatti (2191points) October 17th, 2019

Must wonder what sort of heaven after death for them would follow… Maybe there’a even a study for it…

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Like, for example, being greedy for money.

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I don’t think cruel people get to be in heaven.
And no, I don’t think they are happy.

I think they spend all their years trying to reach some imagined finish line, but like a mirage it stays distant, until they die.

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Heaven is on earth (for me).
Cruel people (those that are intentionally cruel) can’t possibly be happy, thus not in heaven, the way I feel.

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First we have to define cruel, in the current PC climate.

If anyone asks forgiveness, Heaven is still in their reach.

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I mean, not only a study about Paradise, but also about the cruel, happy people.

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No, I don’t feel that they are happy and I don’t think that there is a Heaven for them because they will never ask for forgiveness because they feel cruel is normal. As a matter of fact, I think that they are unhappy because they covet the happiness that others have and they desire to make others as miserable as they feel. If you ask them, they will swear that they are happy, but they have been miserable for so long that they don’t realize how unhappy they really are

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I feel that cruel people are miserable and were probably traumatized in the past or treated very badly, by mean, manipulative people.

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I read an article that stated Sociopaths/Psychopaths pursue more of an ego-driven“shallow happiness” and are not as happy as those who pursue a not ego-directed – but soul-directed and growth-directed type of fulfillment.
Made sense to me.

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I imagine heaven and hell to be right here, right now. Now also imagine if the universe is cyclical and you have to relive your life over and over for eternity. How would you like it to be? Even if you live once then how would you like it?
Cruel people are generally either unhappy or are incapable of feeling happy.

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Cruel people are happy exactly because of the cruel things they are doing. They’re pure evil.

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They’re called sadists, but that word happy is a slippery modifier regarding their motivation. My own view is that more often than we would prefer to believe, “misery loves company”, and will manufacture or intensify the miseries of others in keeping with the adage.

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@mazingerz88 I agree with you.

Check this cruelty story out- Beagle skinned alive 75% of it’s body. The community is so upset the reward is up to $30k.

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Cruel People never become happy and not they will go in heaven.

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