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How do the toll roads work around New York City?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34067points) November 6th, 2019

I will be driving from Newark to New Haven, CT, and then north to New Hampshire. Part of the roads are tollways. Do I need cash for these? How do I pay the tolls? I will be in a rental car.

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This is confusing but may help.

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When you rent a car, the agency will help you with the best way to handle toll. Many times you can get an EZ Pass device in the car.

Three years ago I rented a car in lower Manhattan, drove it to Boston and dropped it at Logan airport. I drove the parkway through Westchester into Connecticut, and made it to Boston using only the EZ pass in the rental car. No hassles, minimal cost.

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^^ That makes the most sense. Call the car rental place and ask if they can put an EZ-Pass in your car. You might also want to check if there is a GPS built in or put your destinations on your phone in advance.

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Depending on the route you take through or around NYC, there might be premiums for paying with cash. It’s much better to rent an EZ-Pass, if possible.

The tolls end once you get past New York and into Connecticut.

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Check with the rental company how much they charge per day to use the EZ pass. I’ve heard stories that vary from $1 a day to $10. I guess it’s not only the days that you actually drive through a toll, but over the entire time you rented the car. I’d just ask how it works with the particular car company so you don’t get a surprise at the end.

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