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When was the last time you communicated with your Senator or House rep?

Asked by josie (29939points) 3 weeks ago

People bitch about politics a lot. When was the last time you took it to the source?

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Some people bitch.I don’t bitch.:)

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I like that about you :)

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Anytime :)

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The tenth of never. I also do not complain about politics. I do my research, I vote, I shut up about it.

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One of the nice things about Alaska is that many of us not only encounter but meet and get to know our reps on a personal basis. True, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever warm up to Rep. Don Young but tho’ I disagree often with Lisa Murkoski, I’ve listened to her explain why she’s done this or that and, even if I don’t like it, can often see her logic. True, she’s a champion fence straddler, but when she is engaged in an issue, she does seem to give it serious thought and stick to her guns. That said, I haven’t chatted with her for awhile but that’s on me, not her.

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That’s good!
Hey I went fishing in Ketchikan a couple of months ago. Great fun!!

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At the state level both the State Senator and State House of Representative members know me by name. I’ve talk to both in the last six months, Senator was just two weeks ago. I’m FB friends with both.

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I usually just yell at the television, it’s logistically convenient and the result is the same.

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I think about gun laws after Newtown.

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I call my alderman when there is something of concern and not to bitch but to remind them my vote counts. State reps maybe once a year. Senators are the ones who seem to have the greater involvement if I have a concern my Senator always replies with facts I am looking for.

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I communicate regularly with everyone from the school board to the president. I probably don’t need to say who’s more likely to communicate back.

That said, I’m a political philosopher who lives near DC, so I’ve met all of my representatives—and probably most of yours—in person.

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Either today or last night. I’m on so many political action email lists, that I send multiple petitions on most days.

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When I engraved my message on that bullet.
For legal reasons, that is a joke.

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3 years ago about the ACÁ and healthcare. It was pointless. They only heard what they wanted to.

I had planned to write my rep about the gouging going on when people turn in a leased car, but I didn’t do it. I have a lease to turn in in a few months, and if Kia pulls the same crap VW did, I hope I take the time to write.

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FaIrly frequently, letters and emails.

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Last week, he came in to my workplace. Before that it was a barber shop in Spfd. He’s also on my socials.

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I work for an organization that advocates on behalf of Labor and does political endorsements. Politicians are always at our events and they know who I am. If I reach out to them, they tend to listen and respond with some real answers.

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About 3 months ago. The problem is that my representative is a Tea Party republican and I am a progressive democrat. He doesn’t listen to anything I have to say.

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Last week.

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My brother contacted Graham, about gun legislation. His reaction was fuck it.

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Mostly signing petitions and collective action letters. Phone calls if it looks dire.

More personal emails and attend meetings at the county and city level.

I didn’t think I would be so involved. But here I am.

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Within the past month! I needed to work through one of our Senators to have a flag flown over the Captiol to commemorate the 75th anniversary of someone’s participation in the Manhattan Project!
Wow! I used Manhattan Project in 2 answers today.

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Week before last.

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