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Have you ever heard a cat "chirp"?

Asked by Brian1946 (27795points) November 18th, 2019

My kitty Katrina occasionally “chirps”, and I LOVE it: she’s such a delightful little character.

How do you think cats can accomplish this avian activity?

I think I know how she does it, and perhaps your supposition agrees with mine.

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My cat doesn’t chirp; however, she does squeak. Her name is Squeaks because that was the very first sound that I heard come out of her mouth. I assume that it has something to do with their vocal cords. She has the ability to meow, but more often than not a squeak comes out

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Yep! I have two Maine Coons and they are known for that trilling,chirp noise.They
do it often and it’s really charming:)

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In my experience it’s the sound mothers cats make when talking to their baby.
Vanta was abandoned on our back deck when she was 5 weeks old.
We got her spayed ASAP and she’s never had any babies.
She’ll carry children’s socks in her mouth and chirp like a mama cat. Fascinating.

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Here’s how Roofy (AKA Katrina) chirps:

Even though she’s about 7 YO, she still does a lot of purring. When she simultaneously mews and purrs, the acoustic synthesis sounds a lot like chirping. :-)

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One of mine chirps when he’s happy.

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All my cat does is sleep for 23 hours and then want me to open the door. And then it wants back in.. Repeat that 30 times until I give up.

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I have no experience with cats, so I was thinking your cat was trying to lure some birds in :P

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My kitty Annie did that a lot. I don’t know how she did it, but it was indeed adorable. Sadly she died 8 months ago :(

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Ours does it when excited, like a bird landed near the window.

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So sorry to hear about your cat @anniereborn.

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Maybe she was trying to lure some birds, but instead she got stuck with me. ;-p

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Oh Lucy, your kitties are beautiful!

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Not sure what you mean by chirp. I think you likely mean what I call “chitter”, which like @SQUEEKY2 wrote, in my experience, tends to be when they’re excited about something they can’t get to, such as a bird or squirrel that they can see moving around on the other side of a window.

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@Zaku: Mine do that, too but the chirping is something else.

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Yes, our cat, who was born from a stray cat mother, is doing that whenever she’s praying on birds.
It’s the cutest thing.
He’s definitely a wild cat: climbs the highest trees, and is able to get out of it again.
I had four typical house cats, in the Netherlands (our current cat is a Greek), and only one of them made that funny sound.

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Our rescue cat would chirp at any flying insect that happened to get in the house.

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@Patty_Melt -Thanks!
They are the sweetest kitties :)

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