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What medical condition requires that you take Esomeprazole (Nexium 40 mg.), ½ hr. before breakfast for 2 weeks?

Asked by flo (12653points) 2 weeks ago

What medical condition requires that you take Esomeprazole (Nexium) “Take ½ hr. before breakfast, daily, for 2 weeks”?

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I know GERDS and Barrett’s esophagus are two chronic conditions that the Esomeprazole is used for. The 2 week prescription throws me off the hunt as that implies a temporary condition and have no clue what temporary stomach issue that would require something as strong as a Esomeprazole/PPI to address. Maybe another medication is upsetting the PH or chemistry of the stomach as to need the PPI to tame things down while the medication runs it’s course like an antibiotic might.

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My answer was helpful. I said it is used for GERD.

Edit: Actually, at that dose I think it’s more likely H. Pylori, but then there would be additional meds too.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor.

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The most helpful answers are ask your medical professional, or look up the information on the manufacturer’s website, rather than asking non medical professionals to guess.

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The post that said there is no reason to assume that it’s a specific person’s prescription, (there is nothing in OP about that) and that Fluther is one of those places where one can find someone with that prescription, was helpful and on topic.
Thanks @Vignette and @JLeslie

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-I don’t find, just Nexium 24 hrs, which only mentions heartburn and the ones that address Nexium 40 mg. are other sites which are not familiar to me.
- the url stays stays the same no matter which tab you click on Precautions or Side Effects etc.
-I tried Ctrl F for “Do not Chew or Crush”, I don’t know if it only applies to 40 mg. or for everything Nexium.

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… I tried Ctrl F for Do not Chew or Crush” in the site - (where thr url stays the same)

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