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Are fake plants passé?

Asked by JLeslie (58140points) 1 week ago from iPhone

I have a bunch of fake houseplants, but I don’t see them in homes that much anymore. They are potted plants on the floor that are 4 to 6 feet high. Are they out of style? What do you think of them?

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Passê is passê. Fake plants are plastic. Only another 20 years to antiquity. Display with caution.

Not too much sunlight. Keep fresh with a moist spray and wash. Don’t over fertilise.

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Fake plants have always been passê.

They are not only passê, they are tacky.

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Although, long time ago I saw a fake ficus on the shoulder of the highway. I pulled over, backed up on the shoulder and snatched it right up to put in my cubicle at work.
In my home? Never.

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I think of them as tacky but the fake ficus is popular.

Also popular now are fake cactus plants in little pots of various sizes, for decoration.

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I didn’t catch my typo. I know it’s passé, I just clicked on the wrong mark. Thanks for trying to help though.

Most people think the plants are real. I have a couple of ficus, and a palm type of plant. I have one that looks more obviously fake, but it’s in my bedroom so most people don’t see it. I wouldn’t likely have so many real plants, even though I like the idea of all that oxygen in my house. I don’t have a very green thumb, although I do manage to keep some plants alive.

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Fake plants are not only plastic, they are often made of silk or other fabrics, with stems and other rigid parts made from wrapped wire, cord stiffened with glue and other things. They are not always tacky, some are quite beautifully made.

Not necessarily passé, no.

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A very elderly friend of mine placed them in the garden space in front of his house. He considered them low maintenance. They stayed in bloom year round, even in the winter. ;-)
From the road they looked great and that made him happy.

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Yes, I hate them, dusty things. My MIL still has quite a few, they look nice, I admit.

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I don’t know if they are in or out of style. I’ve always thought that one should get what makes them happy anyway :)
I have live plants which sometimes live through my treatment.
The longest lived is a succulent. I rarely water it, never fertilized it, yet it lives.
My SIL wants to come over and make “wall flowers”. They are ceramic blooms that one can hang on a wall.
I have yet to do this.

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When you get off the elevator on the 5th floor of our local hospital, the first thing you see is a giant fake potted pot plant! It’s taller than me and all entwined, thick and woody, like wisteria. It’s beautiful. I don’t know if they actually grow like that, wrapping around themselves in the wild, though. I want one!

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@Dutchess_III: Wisteria does grow like a fat, woody vine that entwines itself around other objects like poles and columns, and twists together. It’s a beautiful plant but it’s considered invasive. When there’s a wisteria plant in the yard, it will take over everything it can. It’s beautiful though. Beautiful flowers.

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I know. That’s why I made the comparison. That pot plant was all thick and woody and entwined. However I can’t find a picture of a mature pot plant to see if they really grow like that.

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Fake plastic plants that fade to that peculiar shade of blue green is tacky.

Though I have seen some beautiful fake plants. Usually in high end hotels.

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Mine aren’t faded after 20 years, but a couple need to be dusted very badly. I want to just take them outside and hose them down.

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