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I have envy towards actors what should I do?

Asked by Aaman (17points) November 28th, 2019

I was watching stranger things and I felt the envy watching the actors of my age (16yrs),I envy them mostly Millie Bobby Brown,I searched and found she earned 4 million from the show.They have everything money in millions,good life,they are watched by whole world,clothes,so many cars,big house,etc. Whereas I have nothing in comparison to them. I thought about this and cried.She is my age and doing so well whereas me I m doing nothing.If I become a engineer,then it take 5–6yrs for me to make 1 million which she makes in 1 season.I can never earn like her this makes me very sad.

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Why are such things—money, fame, clothes, cars, houses—so valuable? Why are those the things you envy and strive for instead of more important things like talent, skill, and knowledge? Sure, there’s a minimum amount of material goods that one needs to live a decent life, but it’s nowhere close to the amount that celebrities have. Enough is abundance to the wise.

Instead of judging yourself against others, I would suggest that you measure where you are today only against where you were yesterday. Recognize that you wouldn’t even want most of those things if other people didn’t have them. It might help you overcome the jealousy you feel towards other people. You might even start to pity them for having such a strong attachment to mere things.

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You won’t understand or believe this, and I suppose that is fine. But the great illusion defining the human condition is that it is the acquisition of fame and money which are the roads to contentment. If you are more fortunate than most of us, you will discover the fallacy of this while you are still young.

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Money and fame don’t buy happiness or contentment. And you don’t see what she has had to give up for her career, and you have not demonstrated or expressed interest in giving it up.

Many child actors get to the age of 20 or 22 and realize they lost a chance at a normal life and normal activities.

If you watch Stranger Things, go read about Winona Rider’s history. A talented young movie actress who started acting out in reaction to the stress of fame, an didn’t really work for fifteen years.

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Fortunately, life isn’t a competition unless you choose to make it that for yourself. Choosing that seems to be making you jealous and miserable. So maybe consider not choosing that way of relating to things.

I’ve been an engineer for decades and haven’t made a million dollars doing it, but I’m really happy.

I have never though fame sounded like a very good idea.

And I’m sure I wouldn’t want to be a child star actor. I wanted my childhood to spend with my friends doing as much of what I wanted to do as possible, and learning what i would really want to do with myself. And even with a lot of support to do that, I made big mistakes and didn’t feel more aligned with what I wanted to do and so on until much later. I was a pretty good actor… if I’d been famous and “successful” in TV, I think it would probably have been extremely distracting and I might have been much more confused, and who knows what would’ve become of me.

Check out the full life stories of various child and teen celebrities… many of them really have a hard time with their later lives.

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It is just life and nothing you can do about it. Except for vote for people that will tax the fucking shit out of them.

And if you don’t think anyone will tax them really hard do your best in school and avoid wearing blackface at a party. And then you run for office and tax the shit out of them.

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Try to remember that anything on TV and in the movies is a put on. As in not real.
Maybe you watch too much. Maybe it’s time to watch less.

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Acting is very hard work. It looks glamorous, and sometimes it is quite awesome, but it is very demanding on the conscious mind, and physically quite taxing. Even the kisses, which a appear so heated and romantic, are a burden.

If you want it, deep into the marrow of your every bone, then work at it. Memorize stuff, tons of stuff. Memorize news articles and Bible verses and plays.
Scripts of actual television shows are available on eBay.
Spend hours in front of a mirror. Choose a line of script, and watch yourself as you say it. Try saying it in as many different ways as possible. Put emphasis on different words each time. Try saying it in with different accents. Can you sing, or dance? These days you almost have to if you want to be considered.
Practice doing commercials; real ones and some you make up. Speaking of make up, practice that too. It has to be exaggerated in certain ways to be photogenic.
Once you get a part there are professional makeup artists, but it never hurts to look the part when auditioning.
This stuff is the tip of the iceberg. If you think you are not up to it, then quit obsessing over what you don’t have. No matter how much you have, there will always be someone with a great deal more.

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It’s a waste to spend time stewing over what someone else has.
Go out and get it yourself.

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“The meek shall inherit the earth”
Make that fit you, not in a religious sense either.

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Keep in mind that underaged actors often have really shitty home lives and upbringings, and are often being raised by parents more concerned with striking it rich off their kid’s back than with their child’s well being. Nor do very many child actors transition into successful adult careers all that well. Once they grow out of that childhood cuteness nobody wants to cast them anymore. Ryan Gosling is an notable example of a former child actor whose made the transition into adult actor extremely well. But for every Ryan Gosling there’s ten like Hailey Joel Osmet.

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@Darths right. Suicide, drugs, mental and legal issues. One name-Lindsey Lohan.

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…and then one day, you’ll read about an actor that had an absolutely wonderful childhood and became rich and successful (not to mention gorgeous/handsome)beyond imagination.What will you do then? Implode?
It’s not good for the soul to take pleasure in someone’s misfortune or to resent their good fortune.
Work on yourself and what goals you want to accomplish and stop worrying yourself with what others have.

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Umm, who’s taking pleasure in someone’s misfortune here?

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@Darth_Algar -It often seems to follow envy.
I didn’t read through these articles (didn’t really have to) but I am not the only one who thinks this

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@Darth_Algar Sums it up best.

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The OP asked too (in a deleted duplicate question) what they might do to work out their struggle with envious feelings. A moderator sent me my answer to that question, which I’ll re-post here:

If I were you, I would employ one or more of various techniques I know for addressing knots of thoughts and feelings that have more weight than they deserve. It’s a fundamental sort of thing people need to learn to do, or else they’ll become more and miserable and crazy as time passes and they fail to deal with their stuff.

There are many approaches that can work, and different people find different techniques work better than others.

Some communities and families have wise people in them who will listen and provide healing reflection and help you process your stuff.

Some people have friends like that.

Some people hire therapists for that.

Some people study how to do that for each other, for instance by learning Holistic Peer Counseling.

There are various other programs where people learn to process their own material effectively using various approaches.

Some people learn to do it for themselves, with various techniques that may or may not work for different people. Some ones I have found useful (in order of how soon I found them usable for myself as I continued to try things), include focusing or the types of meditation that provide healing and peace.

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Grow up.

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