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Does having a too low blood pressure or too high blood pressure feel the same?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26674points) December 2nd, 2019 from iPhone

How does one differentiate?

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No, Having low blood pressure one can feel faint or about to faint just by standing up, but otherwise one does not feel bad.

Having high blood pressure one can have a severe head ache, difficulty breathing, easily fatigued (not faint, just very tired), pounding in the chest or neck.

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I’ve never had high blood pressure so I can’t compare the 2. I know that with low bp that I feel dizzy or a little lightheaded or occasionally a little bit nauseous. I’ve discussed it with my doc and have been told to keep a record of when it happens along with what I was doing when it happened. I inherited this from my Grandmother and she lived well into her 90’s so I’m not overly concerned. It doesn’t happen very often but I do still keep my journal of when it happens, just in case a pattern starts forming.

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Low blood pressure will make you weak, light headed and woozy. High blood pressure will feel like you just lifted something heavy, head pounding, you might feel flush, ringing in your ears. Take with a grain of salt as these are what I have felt in my blood pressure roller coaster ride.

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High Blood Pressure will give you headaches, because your head is as high as your blood pressure can get,

All seriousness aside, however, I have had dangerously high Emergency Room blood pressure numbers, and not felt anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes when panicked or extremely stressed I get dizzy and generally have high blood pressure.

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From what I’ve read, and experienced, there are no symptoms of high blood pressure. That’s why it’s called “the silent killer.” You’re feeling fine and BOOM!! stroke.

I can’t address low blood pressure. I’ve never had it.

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We went 4.5 years without health insurance. Needless to say I didn’t go to the doctors. When we offloaded the shop, and Rick got a job with insurance, the first thing I did was go to the Docs simply for a physical. I felt fine. Felt great. Just wanted to go to the doctor’s!
The first thing they did was take my blood pressure….and that’s as far as they got. The nurse read it, did a double take, turned white, and rushed out of the room to fetch a doc.
Doc came in on the double quick. He couldn’t believe it either.
It was 230/120. They looked at me like I was a ghost.
The nurse said, “You haven’t felt anything? No dizziness, nothing?”
I said, “No. I feel fine.”
Later I learned that’s why it’s called the “silent killer.” There ARE no symptoms.

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