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What is the appropriate thing to do when a couple argues in your presence?

Asked by longgone (17742points) December 3rd, 2019

I had some friends over recently, and one of the couples present had a minor disagreement. Everyone pretended not to notice – but that was awkward in its own way. Is there a better option?

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They should take disagreements outside, how rude. I have seperated them, like take the woman out back for a chat.

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There is not a better thing to do. Pretend like it isn’t happening and then slowly move away is the best response.

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If this happens in my home then whatever I choose to do is appropriate, that’s my turf!
I’d very quickly intervene reminding them there’s a time & a place for that & this ain’t it.

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Hold up score cards.

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I might interrupt and say something like, “Ya know, there’s no one on the back porch right now if you’d like some privacy.”

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Since they are being rude to argue in front of others, I feel it is OK to be rude back at them. I have been known to interrupt the disagreement to tell them You’re acting like 2 year olds. I tell the wife to go stand in one corner of the room & instruct the husband to go to the opposite corner. Then I tell them that they can’t come out until BOTH of them can once again act like an adult. Most of the guests break out in laughter & it usually seems to defuse the situation. I’ve also told a few to take it outside because NOBODY wanted to hear it!!!

I’d prefer to NOT get involved, but some people leave you NO other alternative!!!

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I get out the boxing gloves for them. Solves most disagreements and you get a great workout in too.

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Zone out

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