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What is something you own that makes a cool sound?

Asked by ucme (50037points) December 4th, 2019

As asked!

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My Squier Bullet.
wah wah

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My dog. She makes really cute noises.

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My car the horn was replaced with a Fan fare horn from Bosch !

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A teapot with harmonica in the spout. It sounds like a train and will wake the dead.

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I have a didgeridoo and a Rainmaker both of which make really cool sounds.

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Hah @rebbel I got me a Squire Strat too. What year what color? Mine is Blue 1985 MIJ.

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@Vignette Nice!
Mine must be from around ‘89 (Korean build, E90….. serial), although I can’t quite remember precisely when I bought it (was a gift from my dad).
Here it is, now.
Here it is, some 30 years ago.

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@rebbel Nice! How do you like the Humbucker bridge pickup? The guy I traded for the Squire put in EMG pickups and coupled with the Japanese craftsmanship I would put it up against some of the higher end MIM Strats.

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My professional looking stance might make you assume that I know how to work that ‘axe’, but I don’t :-)
I know what the pick ups are, and also that there’s a Humbucker in it, but I sincerely couldn’t tell you anything worthwhile about it, from my perspective, that is.
I bought that travel case to take it with me, when I move out, because I’m planning to give it another try (after my unsuccessful attempt around the late eighties).

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@rebbel With all the stuff on YouTube to play along with now…plug it in already!

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@Vignette I did, some months ago (when I bought the amp), but I think my “screws” system is not good/not working properly, because when I tune the guitar, as soon as I’m two strings down, the top string is out of again…
That’s very frustrating, and demotivating.
I need to get it fixed.
Also, the guy I bought the case from, told me that the neck has a bow to it (or a twist, can’t remember l.
So yeah, there’s that.

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My AR15 pistol with the Dragon Slay muzzle brake. KABOOM with a nice flash of fire from the sides.

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I love gadget sounds, always loved the ping on an xbox console.

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My refrigerator makes the strangest sounds I’ve ever heard from a frig or any other home appliance or system.

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My motorcycle’s key. It doesn’t make sound, but it makes my motorcycle cry out for me :D

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My ‘91 Nissan pick-up. When It needed a muffler I had a glass pack muffler installed. When the tail pipe broke off I scabbed on a short piece of tailpipe. It just makes the coolest growl when accelerating!

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My Gibson SG

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(considering some body function humor)

I got my daughter a laughing cookie monster several years back. it still works, and it cracks me up.

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My Wavetek function generator. When I hook it up to a large speaker and do a frequency sweep I can find frequencies the make the house shake. Swing up to high frequecies and it can make sounds like every spaceship shown in 1950s and 60s SciFi movies. It’s like a Theremin on steroids.

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My husband would say our Porsche. Lol.

I can’t think of one thing I would name. I’d say birds tweeting, but I don’t own them.

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My Ruger .22 revolver makes a cool sound when the hammer is cocked.

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@LuckyGuy Whoa! Video?

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71 Norton Commando

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@raum I can fiddle with that thing for hours. Start here: Set Freq A to 1 Hz, Set Freq B to 40 kHz, Set Sweep to Log or Lin at 0.2 sec, Set output to Sine And stand back.
Once you have it running you twist the knobs and switches. Sine, Square, Triangle. Freq A and B.
Slow sweep 1 Hz to 120 Hz linear, duration 200 seconds. The furniture in the house will take turns vibrating.

Safety Tip: Do this when no one else is home or you might get hit with a frying pan.

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My grandkids laughing and playing.

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Hmm. Other than radios, or the like, everything else makes annoying noises. My fucking truck, thinks it’s out of oil (it isnt,) so the damn thing has an alarm that goes off, like every 5 minutes… I’ve poured through the instruction booklet a few times. There’s no fuse I can pull, to stop it, without interference with other systems.
So. I just have to live with it… “Bing, bing, bing.”

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My 8 string guitar, chugga chugga chin chuggada da chuggada.

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They are out of season right now, but my mantids.
When a praying mantis attacks, their tiny little arms zip out and grab the prey. When they are hunting on the hard surfaces, there is an audible tap.
It sounds loud considering how small they are.

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