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What might be your favourite pudding?

Asked by ucme (48802points) 1 month ago

Bet you can’t guess mine!

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Spotted Dick?

For me, chocolate mousse.

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Nah, that shit is disgusting gloop!

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Christmas pudding with hard sauce??

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@ucme The mousse or the Dick?

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@janbb Hard sauce?
@rebbel The diseased dick!

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Ah, thàt :-)

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I don’t like anything with raisins or sultanas in, they’re nasty!

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@ucme Are puddings all sweet?

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@KNOWITALL Ahh, there we go, no they’re not…clever girl lol

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There are 3 savoury puddings in particular & one of them is my personal favourite…

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Mine is vanilla.
Yours is Yorkshire pudding.

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@ucme Is Black Pudding a meal or a monster?

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@lucillelucillelucille You are correct you glorious creature :D
The other two I was thinking of, both of which I like, were steak & kidney pudding & pease pudding.
@RedDeerGuy1 It’s a male porn star…only kidding, It’s good for morale you know!
No, black pudding is a vile concoction made up primarily of cow’s blood <shudder>

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@ucme Describe the steak and kidney, is it a beef sauce? Any crust? Kidney as in beans or organ meat?

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@KNOWITALL You can get both a pie & a pudding, in the latter the meat is housed in a suet shell & the kidney is indeed organ meat, sounds bloody awful written like that but It’s delicious…trust me lol

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@Ucme Yeah, I’ll stick with tea, crumpets, cucumber sammies, soups, etc…
Any fish puddings?

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@KNOWITALL Crumpets are divine, feeling that melted butter trickle down your throat…nom!
Fish puddings, I’m sure there are but I’m not a huge fan, more of a hand held one :D

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@ucme I put melted peanut butter on my crumpets. Is awesome.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I mean yeah, every man needs a hobby :D

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Old fashion chocolate pudding made with cocoa. I also love banana pudding made with homemade custard and meringue.

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Pear and apple tart.

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Mine is Tapioca.

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Tapioca first choice. Second choice is rice pudding. Third is bread pudding.

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Sticky Toffee and Yorkshire.

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After further review, I’m changing my answer to trifle and cheesecake for sweet puds.

And my savory is goat cheese & thyme popovers.

Here’s @ucme‘s Steak and Kidney recipe, too.

*It wasn’t originally to have organ meats! (from the same link as above)

Before that a plain steak pudding filled the same national role, being known as – John Bull’s pudding – in a beef-oriented tradition which includes – The Roast Beef of Old England.

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Nice work @KNOWITALL
The Roast Beef of Old England
That would be my boxer/wrestler nickname :D

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@ucme Sounds delicious. See, I try to do my homework…lol

I do think I like John Bull’s pudding more than Steak and kidney….hahaha~

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