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Do you own (a) clothing item(s) that is/are borderline trash(y)?

Asked by rebbel (30711points) 1 month ago

I do.
I got gifted a pair of fake Nike Air’s.
Black, red, plastic, squeeky.
Wore them once….

Do you wear it?
Do you get comments about it?

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My Guess quilted ice blue sneaks with gold accents are a bit flashy, maybe not trashy though. Define trashy?

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Does an edible pair of budgie smugglers count as trashy?
I just don’t know you see!

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My Batman pajamas. I do wear them but not outside. I wouldn’t want to ruin them

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My kid asked to borrow one of my tee shirts to sleep in. I said sure, just grab one from my drawer.

She came down wearing this and I was like Oh shit! Take that off!

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Trash and trashy are two different things.

I have plenty of old clothing that oribably should be thrown in the trash. Stained or torn, but still comfy or think maybe I’ll use the garment one day if I paint my house or lose weight or something.

Trashy—I have some short skirts, tight fitting clothes, and some very high heals, but none of the clothes fit right now. I could still wear the shoes, but that’s getting harder for me with my muscle problems. I try to stay in the sexy lane rather than going over into trashy. Mostly, I’m just in t-shirts and jeans though.

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