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Do your eyes hurt from overuse of technology?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19440points) December 8th, 2019

Television, computers, and smartphones.

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That means stop. I take breaks so my eyes can rest.

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You can wear blue filter glasses, it helps. Sometimes stopping is not an option but if you can, that’s best.

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Sometimes yes. If it’s bad I take a break.

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Nope. But I have my monitor fairly dim. If I crank the brightness all the way up I will hurt in five minutes.

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@Tropical_Willie nailed it. When I’m not in a position to actually take a break, I use the 20–20-20 rule & it works wonders for me. Occasionally, I switch it up to the 20–20-30 rule, giving myself an extra 10 seconds per repetition.When I’m so busy that I can’t 20–20-20, I use my favorite eye drops that help to add some moisture back to my eyes!!!

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Sometimes, I changed my phone font to a larger view this weekend though.

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When it happens to me, I force myself to take a reasonable break along with a drop or 2 of gel eye drops

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Apparently it not blinking enough that is causing the problems.
Hence the breaks once in a while.
As for blue filter glasses..useless as an expert stated on TV health issues episode.

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No. I do use glasses that block blue light.

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Yes they do hurt.

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