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Have you ever had a hair transplant? Will it hurt?

Asked by Joyforjoy (100points) December 27th, 2019

I’ve had enough of losing my hair and want to try a hair transplant. Anybody give me any advice?

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Screw that. Buy a toupee.

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I see nothing wrong with doing this, as long as you take the time out to research a few places and the background of the person or persons doing your procedure. Things to consider would be cost, and time it will take to full recovery..Don’t rush into it, just take your time.

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According the dermatologists on Doctor Radio (on XM), hair transplants work for a while, but ultimately fail. They say “not worth it”.

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You can have a hair transplant to fill in a bald spot or restore a hairline. You’ll be looking good for a while but your natural balding pattern will continue and leave you with a weird island or peninsula of hair. Then you’ll have to keep going back for more hair transplants or look like a freak.

Just go bald. Be natural. Save your money.

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Do more research as transplants are a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Over time, the transplant fails to continue to grow. Nobody has discovered the magic reason a man becomes bald, so transplanting hair will only temporarily fix the problem because the new hair won’t continue to grow where the original hair couldn’t grow, My brother and cousin have both chosen to shave their heads to cover their baldness. I’ve never had a transplant, but assume it will be very painful for a good time afterwards. They dig out the roots of the hair on the back of your head/neck and push the roots into another shaft on the head. Logically thinking, I’d think that they numb you while doing the procedure; but when the numbness wears off, it should be quite painful. Matt Lauer had a top quality transplant done when he first took over the Today Show. His didn’t take right and he looked freaky for years afterward. I’d think that with his money that he could afford a top notch transplanter. His never looked real after he had it done. He looked better bald

In the overall scheme of things, if they don’t love you bald, they’re not going to love you any more with hair. Just be yourself and go on with your life. It’s bothering you a lot more than it’s bothering anyone else

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Welcome to Fluther.
I get the feeling that you are female rather than male. Do I have that right? If so, there are so many natural looking wigs that you can buy.
Hair plugs do not look natural.
Good luck with what you decide.

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